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03/23/09 - XBiz: The Best of "Staying On Top In Today's Market"

29:52 minutes (20.51 MB)

This is the second seminar we recorded at XBiz State of the Industry 2009 a few weeks back. "Staying on Top Online In Today's Hyper-Competitive Market" is moderated by Colin Rowntree and includes Dan Hogue (CamZ), Albert Lozarito (CECash), Allison Vivas (TopBucks), and Ron Holiday (12Clicks).

03/16/09 - Michael Brandvold - Marketing Via Social Networking

41:05 minutes (28.21 MB)

Michael Brandvold of Gamelink is back to share his wisdom on using social networks to brand and market your business. This may seem like a straight forward subject but there are so many ways to go wrong with this burgeoning communication mechanism.

03/09/09 - XBiz: The Best of 'Tube Sites' Seminar

30:44 minutes (21.21 MB)

This is the first in our Conference series, recorded at the XBiz State of the Industry show in February. We took the best bits of each relevant seminar and will be posting these in place of our normal one-on-one interview, every couple weeks.

03/02/09 - Vegas Ken - Traffic Conversion Strategies in Todays Market

30:29 minutes (21.01 MB)

Vegas Ken from The Best Porn makes his premiere on our storied program this week to talk about conversion strategies and what is working today from the perspective of a successful affiliate website. We talk about why building trust with an objective review is such a powerful conversion tool.

02/23/09 - Mark Frieser - Making Money in the Mobile Porn Revolution

30:49 minutes (21.26 MB)

We've all heard about the pending mobile porn explosion happening around the world and probably wondered when it is going to hit the US market, right? Well Mark Frieser from My VIP Room is here to announce "the mobiles are coming! the mobiles are coming!". This is not an interview about the tired foreign mobile phone industry.

02/16/09 - Vita Vaysman - Adult Yahoo! Search Marketing (PPC) Strategies

35:01 minutes (24.15 MB)

What a treat we have for you this week! Vita Vaysman from Wildline is here in studio for an in-depth conversation about Yahoo! Search Marketing, the Yahoo! pay-per-click text ad system. We talk about how YSM is different from Google Adwords and the right way to get an adult campaign off the ground.

02/08/09 - Morten Due - Monetizing Foreign Traffic

10:10 minutes (6.98 MB)

In the news we cover Showtime's new porn-based reality series; The Deputy Attorney General's ties to the adult industry; and how Google plans to create an even tighter "walled garden" around its search data.

[The original interview has been removed from this podcast by request of the interviewee (Morten Due)]

02/02/09 - Charles Hentrich - Driving Revenue With Search Engine Marketing

32:44 minutes (22.55 MB)

Wildline president Charles Hentrich is here to discuss what you need to know about Search Engine Marketing (Paid Search). This will be the first in a series with Wildline where we will go deep on several topics relating to SEO and PPC advertising techniques. Today we cover what is SEM?

01/26/09 - Sharky - Cross Sales and Up-Selling The Right Way

34:05 minutes (23.42 MB)

The one and only "Sharky" from PimpMansion gets on the mic this week to talk to us about cross-sales and up-sales. Why is Mastercard all in a tizzy over cross-sales? What's the difference between cross-sales and up-selling? The appropriate ways to increase your revenue while not pissing off your customers.

01/19/09 - Larry Walters - The Obama Administration

33:59 minutes (23.34 MB)

Lawrence G. Walters, of First Amendment.com, is back to discuss what the regime change in the United States means to the adult industry, online and off. How will Barack Obama and his staff change the policy at the Department of Justice regarding enforcement of 2257 and obscenity prosecutions?

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