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The Plain Truth About Sexual Performance Drugs


For any ailment, there are essentially four avenues followed by the typical consumer in finding a remedy: family doctors, specialist men's clinics, sex shops, and of course, the internet.

Men Sue for Access to Male Sex Toys


A group of men in Sweden have filed suit against a chain of pharmacies for failing to provide an adequate number of products to address male sexual needs. While women have been catered to as a market group for dildos and vibrators, the group filing the lawsuit claims that men have been unfairly discriminated against as there are no products offered on the shelves for men.

Condom Lubrication Fights Acne


A 29 year old retailer in Cambodia applied a water-based condom lubricant to her face for three days straight and claims it dried up all the acne on her face. Now she's promoting "Number One Plus" to other women; not for safe sex, but for its beauty enhancing properties.

Why Green is Good for your Privates


Consumers are growing ever more conscious of the threat of phthalates in the plastic products that touch their bodies, as these oil-based compounds have been proven to enter the body and cause brain problems in rodents and monkeys. Not to worry, adult sex toy manufacturers are stepping up to demand for healthy sex toys, or as one commented, "...even safer sex."

Women are Porn Addicts Too


Women used to be considered a fringe market for porn consumption that hardly warranted attention from the industry.

Police Can't Use Video Evidence Against Man Who Had Sex with Comatose Wife


In a bizarre story of sex tapes and lawsuits, a Wisconsin man who had sex with his comatose wife; the result of a severe stroke, is being charged with multiple accounts of felony sexual assault. However, police have been barred from using video evidence from a hidden camera they placed in his room since it violated his fourth amendment constitutional rights against unreasonable searches.

New Study Gives Highly Detailed Report on AIDS in America


A highly detailed report on the status and demographics of AIDS/HIV spread in the United States has just been released with valuable data that specifically relates to how race and sexual orientation factor into AIDS risk factors. The new study shows that in particular, gays and bisexuals as well as blacks are most at risk, and whites tend to be at risk at different periods of life.

Study Reveals Octogenarians Fit for Sex


A new medical study demonstrates that elderly in America are as sexually active as ever, with many reporting sexual activity well into their 80s. Furthermore, the study shows that a decline in sexual activity can be a precursor to other health issues, such as high blood pressure and diabetes, and any sexual performance problems should be taken seriously and addressed with a doctor.

Is Sex Addiction For Real?


As yet another celebrity blames his infidelity and porn watching habits on sexual addiction, therapists and members of the medical community have lined up to voice their opinions on whether sexual addiction is a credible disease or simply a ruse made up to veil personal perversions.

The Bush Administration Strikes Again


The Bush Administration is planning on implementing a regulation that allows health care workers to refuse participation in abortions. This will protect workers from being written-up, fired, etc. and federal health officials can pull funding on any entity that doesn't adhere.

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