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Insurance: Porn Industries Phantom Menace


Porn Valley is faced with a new dilemma that could halt filming for some production companies. The issue: lack of insurance. Veteran insurance agent Greg Zeboray has found that insurance companies are no long interested in doing business with the adult industry. Apparently Hollywood is the real money maker and revenue generated from adult isn’t worth the shame they face.

Figuring Out the Role of Bird Porn at the DNC


Anyone following the Democratic National Convention may have happened on a series of articles that refer to a group that is protesting against 'bird porn', claiming that bird watchers a voyeuristic perverts who should respect the privacy of our feathered friends.

Vice Presidential Porn


The nomination of former beauty queen Sarah Palin as John McCain's vice-presidential running mate has spurned a flood of pictures claiming to be authentic nude shots of the newly minted Whitehouse hopeful. While many of the pictures have been busted as forgeries, it seems likely that such Photoshopped images will continue to surface as linkbait to promote adult and other online promotions.

Shootouts and Porn Blamed for Ruining Bulgarian Holiday


A recent holiday in Bulgaria was ruined after tourists fleeing a gun shootout in their hotel were shocked to realize they had unwittingly entered a porn shoot being done in the hotel's lobby. The tour agency offered a $500 reimbursement for the whole ordeal, but I bet the travelers were happy to just get out of it with their lives.

The Bush Administration Strikes Again


The Bush Administration is planning on implementing a regulation that allows health care workers to refuse participation in abortions. This will protect workers from being written-up, fired, etc. and federal health officials can pull funding on any entity that doesn't adhere.

Foursome Gone Wrong


I've always thought it takes a special breed to make a swingers life style work. A lot of couples seem to want to try a threesome or hooking up with another couple, but most of the time it turns out badly. Here is an extreme case of what can go wrong and it isn't surprising that alcohol was involved.

Shocking Misuse of Tax Dollars!


I often see articles on insignificant studies researchers are doing, such as do woman like porn. I've always wondered who is paying for these studies and why, isn't curing cancer more important? Well it turns out taxes payers are footing the bill thanks to the National Institutes of Health misappropriating their funds, although I still don't know why.

Hidden Hotel Cams: A Hot Source for Free Content


While it does not seem that this report resulted in any legal actions against the hotel owner, a man in Selangor (Asia) admitted in an interview that he regularly films hotel guests in specialized rooms fitted with covert surveillance cams. He claims to make about $200-500 in up front fees and roughly 75 cents in royalties for each copy sold.

Just Say No to Bench Humping


Maybe it's because I'm not a man, but I don't understand why a man would try to stick his dick through a small hole in a steel bench. Does that really sound like a good idea and is it really shocking that his penis would get stuck. Although I have to admit it would have been entertaining to be at the hospital when the man and the entire bench arrived for medical assistance.

Porn Bandit At Large


With today's economy, people are having to get creative with their finances to afford those extra luxuries, such as gas. This guy went so far as to impersonate a detective, claiming to be local police department’s “age verification unit,” and demanded porn videos from a CO novelty shop. I guess he didn't realize there is plenty of free porn online.

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