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ICANN Looks Down On Guestimate Traffic Redirecting And Other Cheap Tricks

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Domain name systems management organization ICANN has spoken out against typo traffic and other underhanded ways traffic is redirected away from legitimate domains. These sneaky tactics that individuals and companies (DNS servers, most especially) use to outwit competition have long been a problem in the industry.

Globalization of Sin City Players


Sin City Players, a new website for the Marketeer of Adult Entertainment, has opened its doors to a broader demographic, in fact had been requested to do so by others across the globe. We are quite amazed that within the 2 months we began this venture, we have already acclaimed worldwide exposure, and as the Executive Manager, I can say we've been quite ready for it for some time.

Adult Webmasters Can Now Monetize Mobile Traffic

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Let's say you have a pornsite and it has been busy with mobile traffic. Yet you can't earn money off of it. Before, you can't do anything about the situation. Now, thanks to Adultmoda, you can. They just launched its free movile landing page tool for adult webmasters. The adult mobile ad network can now help you cull traffic and direct it to a landing page full of ads.

So, I just heard my Sin 2.0 Podcast


Anyhoo, so I just heard by podcast on sin20:

After listening, here are a few mental notes:

1. Put down the fucking bong before an interview.

2. The Sin20 guys are real webmasters that know what they are talking about.

3. A lot of guys that heard the interview said I sounded so dismal, "They wanted to commit suicide..."

Is Google Hijacking Your Content?


There’s been a lot of buzz going around about a new “Improvement” at Google. According to Google’s blog, they are going to showing longer snippets of text shown in the SERPs when a query longer then three words is entered. So what does this mean and why should you care?

PrideBucks and Traffic Dude Principals Debut GayAdPros.com, the Adult Industry’s First Gay Ad Network


Miami Beach, FL - April, 2009 – GapNet Media, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of GayAdPros.com, the industry’s first and premier self service ad network for the gay adult market segment.

Facebook vs. Google


According to recent reports, Facebook appears to be driving more traffic to some big name sites than Google with only a third of Google’s unique visitors. The report also revealed that a majority of Facebook’s traffic comes from links members’ posts in the Notes & Photo sections.

Super Bowl Glitch Becomes One Man’s Niche


I’ll probably get crap for saying this, but I did not watch the Super Bowl. I hear it was a great game, but football just isn’t my thing and I don’t feel like I missed out. However, if I lived in Tucson AZ, I might feel like I missed out after hearing about the 30-sec porn “glitch” during the 4th quarter.

Organic SEO vs. Paid Avertising

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Many webmasters make the mistake in assuming that paid advertising strategies are the same as organic SEO, and overlook the importance of integrating true SEO techniques into their strategies for promoting their website.

Make Your Site 'Crawlable' for Better Search Results

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While presenting accurate, informative, and valuable information to your site is essential to operating a successful site, if Google's web crawlers cannot easily access your content, you will have a hard time driving traffic from the search engines to your site.

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