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Critics Claim 'Call Girl' Show is Unrealistic


Showtime is bumping its hit show, "Secret Diary of a Call Girl", to Monday night prime-time in response to a solid first year's performance. However, critics claim that the how glamorizes prostitution without paying tribute to the grim realities of the profession, which could be dangerous if young women are encouraged to get into prostitution as a result of watching the show.

The Trials and Tribulations of the Failed 'Brothel for Women'


In 2006 Heidi Fleiss; one of the most prolific madams of all time, began an escapade to create the first high-scale brothel catering specifically to women. Along the way, she was exposed to many harsh realities inherent to the difficulty in setting up a whore house in America: even in a place where the business is presumably legal.

Brothels Offer "Double Your Stimulus" Package to Boost Slumping Sales


Brothels located over 30 minutes from a major city often rely on trucker traffic in order to sustain healthy profit margins.

A Prostitutes Guide to Selling Yourself


Though 'The Onion' is typically viewed as a satirical resource, this article seems to make real sense not only for prostitutes looking to increase sales, but also for webcam girls trying to get guys to shell out $40 an hour for live webcam sex. Bottom line: you are your product; make your customers happy and they'll return for more.

She's Got Lots of Men, But She's No Sex Worker


A typical middle-aged American woman that went to get a checkup from her doctor was bit surprised to hear her doctor assume she was a sex worker since she'd slept with 4 men in the past week. The truth is, that modern women are more sexually enthusiastic than ever, and many are enjoying a sexually liberated lifestyle: which does not make them hookers.

FBI Announces Three Year Undercover Investigation Into Strip Clubs


The FBI has announced the results of an intensive three year undercover operation to delve into the realities of prostitution in the strip club industry. And what should come as no surprise to any stripper or strip club consumer, the FBI reports that prostitution is rampant in nearly all strip clubs across America.

Sex Acts For Tokens Clubs Come Down in Washington


In what appears to be a direct attack against Frank Colacurcio Sr., a 90-year-old 'patriarch' of an alleged criminal empire, 4 strip clubs in the Puget Sound area of Washington were raided by federal agents on tips that clients were buying "tokens" with credit cards that were then exchanged for sexual services with the dancers.

Canadian Sex Wokers Demand a Safe Working Environment


Canadian sex workers are permitted to engage in prostitution so long as it is 'outcall' in nature, and many of these girls have set up online websites to promote their services.

Spitzer's Madam Comes Clean in Plea Deal


The madam responsible for handling high profile clients for Emperor’s Club VIP; the escort service involved with the Elliot Spitzer scandal, has agreed to come clean in the grand jury investigation that could land Spitzer in jail. I guess there’s no loyalty in the escort business.

True Stories of a Prostitute To Air on TV


A new British TV show slated to air sometime this year on Showtime in America is based on the true-life blog of infamous prostitute Belle de Jeur, and is certainly one of the top shows I'll be looking forward to this year.

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