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All The Wrong Ideas Porn Has Taught Us


Nothing better than a good laugh. Here's a list of all the wrong things porn has taught us over the years. Call it myths or wrong ideas, the list covers humorous myths many of us start believing after watching too much porn.

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Producer Snatches The Opportunity to Create Tiger Woods Parody Sex Tape


Industry people are a tenacious and opportunistic lot. So it comes as no surprise that one enterprising producer -- in the form of Cash Markham -- immediately sets forth to create the first Tiger Woods parody. The movie has a no-brainer title: "Tiger's Got Wood". Admit it, you were actually waiting for someone to make it.

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Turning Jism To Candy


Hey there, guys and dolls! This is my first post here. Hope you guys welcome me (or else).

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Politicians : Do As I Say, Not As I Do


Ah Republicans… you scare me and entertain me at the same time. So, Rep. Steve Buyer came up with the best idea ever- add a surcharge to health insurance premiums for people engaging in any risky behavior. This means that all you fat, lazy, nicotine addicted nymphos are in trouble.

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There is No Honor Among Content Thieves


Oh man, this story cracked me up! What we have here is a story about two competing content-theft operations that ratted each other out in an attempt to get rid of the competition. Not the smartest move since all parties involved ended getting arrested charged with felony copyright infringement and unlawful labeling.

He Should Have Watched CSI


If and when you decide to break into a porn store, maybe you should watch a little CSI before you do. It might have saved a 19 year old Michigan Man from a little embarrassment and a B&E record. After breaking into a local adult store at 5am and being caught on a security camera, the young man rode his bicycle through fresh mud back to his house. All the cops had to do was follow the trail.

WTF: Hell's Kitchen New Porn Lampoon Victim


Have ever watched Fox reality show Hell's Kitchen with Chef Gordon Ramsay? Well now you can now watch the porn parody This Ain't Hell's Kitchen XXX with Jordan Rams'em. Both send shock waves of fear (or creepiness) down my spine.

Lamest Sex Advice Ever!


OK maybe not ever in the history of man, but outercourse? WTF! Outercourse is essentially foreplay and FOX news felt that this was information that must be brought to the masses.

Why Not to Scare the Kiddies


A Pennsylvania man has been ordered into Anger Management class for his questionable action of blasting porn to scare away the neighborhood kids from his house. Holy shit, anger management? This definitely taught me a lesson. Keep it down in the bedroom and just have killer clowns pop out of the bushes to really scare the shit out of the neighborhood kids.


This Car's a Rockin'


When will young people learn, if your gonna fuck in a car make sure you don't get caught! Especially if you have the makings for a meth lab in that same vehicle. Oh stupid, horny people getting caught will never get old.

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