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Best Unlocked Smart Phones In The Market

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There is more to smart phones than iPhone which by now we all know they have very limited options when it comes to adult content. For those like myself looking for an adult friendly smart phone; CNet reviews 3 smart phones which capabilities are above and beyond most mobile devices. Specially when it comes to carriers, these mobile devices are not tied up to just one carrier.

RedTube Continues To Feel Karma's Asskicking

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Rhett Pardon feels the remorse of RedTube as their woes continue in his article. Detectives have found the IP address where the hacker redirected RedTube traffic last July. The bad news? The owner of the computer wasn't the perp. According to reports, the real culprit downloaded malicious software in the computer and used it to pluck the DNS of RedTube to divert its traffic elsewhere.

Snitch Busted in Largest ID Theft Case in U.S. History

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Albert Gonzalez, along with two unnamed men, was charged with stealing 130 million credit card numbers, making it the largest case of identity theft in American History! I found it rather amusing that Gonzalez use to help the US Secret Service by tracking and reporting hackers.

Important Advice on Internet Security

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Most adult webmasters do not put much thought into their website's security features, or what they would do if a malicious hacker broke into their site.

Porn on YouTube Could be Hazardous to Your Computer

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Technologists from McAfee warn that porn videos posted to YouTube are at a high risk for containing viruses that can infect user's computers when opened. Specifically, they have identified a scheme where users are redirected to secondary pages with prompts to download codecs to access video content, but instead alter browser preferences and install a Trojan that tracks internet activity.

AARP's Website Security Flaws Exploited by Porn Webmasters


The website for the American Association of Retired Persons was hacked last week by a group of coders who exploited a flaw in the site's content management system to redirect traffic from AARP to sites containing porn content. The hackers apparently used javascript code inserted into user profiles to redirect users to their websites in an attempt to boost Google rankings.

Porn Company Pays Facebook Half a Million for Attempted Hacking

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It's all fun and games until someone gets sued; just ask Canadian porn company SlickCash. Allegedly, SlickCash tried to gain unauthorized access to Facebook’s 34 million customer database by attempting to enter serves at least 200,000 times in less than a week. In exchange the Canadian porn site settled outside court and paid $500,000 in punitive damages.

Identifying the Real Victims when Viruses Game Adult Webmaster Programs

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When hackers design botnet programs to game affiliate programs, they often create victims in the form of unwitting computer owners whose computers get hijacked an used for illicit purposes. In the worst of these cases, computer owners have had their hard drives used as storage devices for obscene material that has landed them in hot water with authorities.

Australia Considers Putting Porn Filters on ISPs

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In a bid to curry favor amongst Australian voters, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has introduced the idea of shifting responsibility for filtering porn content from the nation's Internet authority onto the ISPs that provide last-mile service to consumers' homes.

Older versions of Worpress are potentially vulnerable for hacking


Older versions of the popular blogging platform Wordpress has been found unsafe to use due to the easy accessibility to exploit its security holes and convert blogs into pages filled with links to various moneymaking schemes. The good news are that this can only happen to older versions but not the most recent ones.

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