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Matt Cutts Discusses How Google Crawls Your Site


Here is an excellent article from StoneTemple.com. In this interview with Google Megalord Matt Cutts we learn how the Big G crawls your site, how the Google bot deals with duplicate content and affiliate links, and much more.


Google Instant Doesn’t Work With Adult Keywords


At least at this point, Google Instant does not work with “adult keywords” - porn words. Apparently, Google decided to exclude sexual terms, including pornstar names and adult site brands (most of them, anyway). Presumably this is partially to protect kids from getting…ahem…unexpected results. If a kid means to search for “boots“, and gets to [...]

How Will Google Instant Affect Your SEO Efforts?


Google Instant. Is the sky falling or does it not matter at all? While I’m doing my own research on this, with particular focus on adult industry related SEO, check out what some of the Search Engine gurus have to say about it. Will Google Instant kill off SEO? What can you expect in terms [...]


08/09/10 - News Edition

29:34 minutes (20.3 MB)

Yes, yes its that time again for your weekly blast of fresh air from the SiN2.0 Adult Webmaster Podcast. We've got the industry news for you this week and we are all about only bringing you the stuff which matters...

-AHF's spawned federal probe into AIM's HIPPA compliance goes down in flames.

Gmail Allowing Hacker Ads?


Apparently Google’s standards for its advertisers isn’t as strict as one would think. I’ve spotted this ad for WifiRobin, a site that sells WiFi hacking equipment.  But then why am I surprised?
We’ve clearly become a society of thieves, since P2P, illegal tube sites and so forth are now talked about (even in mainstream media) with [...]


The Future of Web Video – WebM


Fellow video professionals, the web has a new standard for videos. Learn about it because it’ll become a major player in your life. The standard is called WebM.
This may come as a positive surprise to those who have been watching the Apple-Adobe-Flash feud closely.
If you recall, one of the issues with videos on the web [...]

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