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Pocket Porn Spikes Bandwidth


Mobile phones are great, mobile phones with unlimited access plans to a 3G network are even better. That is until providers cannot keep up with the high demand of mobile downloads as Japan is seeing now. With the online adult industry seeing a growth of at least a 1000 new customers a day the network providers are seeing bandwidth spikes that have some calling for mobile use caps.

Multimedia Tax Legitimizes Porn?


Starting Oct 1st, Wisconsin is implementing a 4% sales tax on all digital down loads to help the state fill its drained reserves. Legislators are hoping the new tax will generate $11 million over a period of 2 years. However, not everyone is excited about the new bill and it’s not even the consumers getting taxed that's doing the complaining.

Vizeos.mobi officially launches their DotMobi (.mobi) Adult Service.


"This service finally brings adult videos to everyone who owns a mobile device, and has access to the internet, at a price everyone
can afford" said Victor Gausche, who is the main driving force behind this innovative young team.

The site has been in beta for the past few months, whilst vigorous

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Podcasts Popularity Continues to Grow


According to this industry report, the rise in digital gadgets capable of playing digital media has translated into substantial growth in the number of people claiming to have downloaded a podcast from the Internet with the intention of viewing it later. Despite this substantial growth, there are still relatively very few people downloading podcasts on a daily basis.

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Consumers Fear Repercussions of Viewing Online Porn


While government is actually only cracking down on those who download illegal child pornography, many consumers fear that their online porn habits could get them in trouble with the law. This should serve as a reminder for adult website operators to stress their adherence to compliance codes not only as a matter of law, but as a matter of instilling consumer confidence.

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FCC Orders Comcast to Stop Blocking Traffic


The FCC has ordered Comcast to stop interfering with downloads based on user's browsing habits and personal details, a process known as "deep packet inspection".

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Comcast Vows to Limit Downloads


In response to a customer's request for clarification on what constitutes 'excessive usage' on Comcast's cable provided Internet access, Comcast has announced this week that it will cap user downloads to 250 gigabyte's a month. While this should not affect the average consumer, who uses between 2-3 gigs a month, it could dramatically affect users who download vast amounts of adult video content.

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HeatSeek Makes Flash Downloadable


A new application offered by HeatSeek promises to give Internet users the ability to download Flash files off websites directly to their computer. The technology provides the user with a proprietary browser that can download Flash files which are otherwise only accessible for online viewing.

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Japanese Official Fired Over Record Porn Consumption


A Japanese civil servant was demoted amid allegations that he visited over 780,000 porn sites over the past year, and 170,000 sites in July alone: which works out to 14 sites per minute, I wonder if they were all Japanese porn video? There is obviously something fuzzy about the exact numbers, but the man do doubt has got pretty much noting to do at work- yet still was only demoted.

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