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DOJ Plays Favorites with RIAA


The DOJ has sided with a Recording Industry Association of America lawsuit, giving the OK to high fines per music track downloaded. The DOJ is defending their decision by stating it’s the public who suffers from piracy (lost jobs & wages, lost tax revenue, etc.) However, I find this decision to side with the RIAA a little fishy since two of the top DOJ lawyers are former RIAA attorneys.

Winds of Change Blow through the DOJ


Its official, the Democrats have taken of the DOJ. The U.S. Senate confirmed the nominations of David Ogden to be Deputy Attorney General and Thomas Perrelli to be associate attorney general, making Perrelli the 3rd highest-ranking official at the DOJ. Both candidates have had their share of controversy and had conservative groups up in arms over their nominations.

DOJ Causes Stir with New 2257 Reg Revision


As if dealing with the slumping economy wasn’t enough, the DOJ has come out with a revision of the 2257 regulations. The revised regulations are still painfully confusing and more severe, which could cause issues for webmasters. For those of you that are interested in learning more about these changes, check out the sin20 podcast interview with attorney Larry Walters.

The War on Porn - Action Alert from Max World Entertainment Inc...Urging you to consider how YOU would feel in his devastating


The Adult Industry in Los Angeles is under the most ruthless attack by the US Justice Department since 1990. Yet some industry leaders don't realize, the potential magnitude of the problem. Many think it won't ever happen to them, because they don't make nasty smut. That's what John Stagliano thought too...

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Dangerous Intellectual-property Bill Passes Senate But without DOJ Authoriy


The Intellectual Property Bill was passed last week by the US Senate, but not before a provision that would have allowed the Department of Justice to directly sue copyright infringers on behalf of the movie and music industries. Still, many feel that the passing of the bill favors big media companies at a time when digital content has proven to favor more open distribution models.

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Department of Justice Fired Lawyers for Not Prosecuting Obscenity Cases


A newly released report by the Department of Justice is bringing light to the cases of two US Attorneys who were fired apparently because they refused to try obscenity cases assigned to them by General Alberto Gonzales' second-in-command Kyle Sampson.

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Congress Passes Major Copyright Bill


Last week the Senate passed the PRO-IP Act. Although the portion of the bill that would turn the DoJ into copyright cops was dropped, it still contains greater penalties for infringement, and will create a ‘piracy czar' to manage enforcement. The Bush administration dumped the controversial civil copyright enforcement provision saying it would turn the DoJ into pro bono lawyers.

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Sex Offenders Banned from Working Ice Cream Trucks


Sex offenders in California who had realized the benefits of running an ice cream truck in terms of gaining access to little children, will be disappointed to learn that their jobs are no longer legal, and they'll have to either convert their machines to mail delivery trucks or find some other eclectic use for these ridiculous vehicles.

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Tap-tap- You're Busted! A Brief History of the Hypocrisy of Republican Gay-Bashers


Dirty rat-fucks! I love how they stand so high and mighty and fall so hard!


Al Goldstein For President


Get your bumper stickers, buttons, and t's here. Suprisingly I didn't see any foam middle fingers.
AL GOLDSTEIN for PRESIDENT, at least we know where he stands.

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