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ISPs May Have to Police Child Porn


Assuming President Bush signs the PROTECT Our Children Act of 2008, S. 17 as planned, ISPs will shoulder the responsibility of policing 'hash marks' of known child pornography content.

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State Seizure of Gambling Sites a Warning to the Adult Industry


In an unprecedented move initiated by the State of Kentucky, 141 domains tied to illegal online gambling operations have been demanded to be turned over to the State.

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Government will Require Warrants to Access Cell Phone Data


In first ruling of its kind in relation to mobile technologies, federal district court Judge Terrence F. McVerry ruled that the government must obtain valid search warrants before demanding information on cellular phone usage and location.

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Newly Proposed Law Limits Laptop Searches


Due to public outcry against unwarranted laptop searches performed during routine airline baggage checks, a new bill has been introduced to congress to limit these unfounded searches. The bill has been proposed by Loretta Sanchez, a Democratic civil liberties lawyer from California who feels that unwarranted laptop searches constitute a breach of our fourth amendment protections.

Police Can't Use Video Evidence Against Man Who Had Sex with Comatose Wife


In a bizarre story of sex tapes and lawsuits, a Wisconsin man who had sex with his comatose wife; the result of a severe stroke, is being charged with multiple accounts of felony sexual assault. However, police have been barred from using video evidence from a hidden camera they placed in his room since it violated his fourth amendment constitutional rights against unreasonable searches.

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