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Max Hardcore was born Paul F. Little on August 10, 1944 in Racine, Wisconsin. He is a controversial and iconic male porn star, director and producer who have created porn movies that have caught the attention of the US government countless times. The movies he produces never fails to offend and move conservative groups to raise more than their eyebrows. He is also called "The Dirtiest Man In America".

Max Hardcore started making his mark in porndom in 1992. He was hired by Zane Entertainment to produce his line of films. His first work, "The Anal Adventures of Max Hardcore", was shown to an unsuspecting public. From that time on, he continued his the jaw-dropping style that made him famous. The porno was a hit, but everyone was not pleased.

Usually available only in European markets, his movies are him in hardcore sexual situations with young women portraying prepubescent girls. He has rough crazy and oftentimes humiliating sessions with them. The sex scenes are raw, raunchy and anally fixated. Scenes involve extreme oral sex (gagging, vomiting and deep throat) and anal sex (including fisting). His female partners are sure to take a pounding, both in their naughty bits and mouth. More so when he has a propensity for urinating on their mouths.

His work was shocking, to say the least. Though he chooses young-looking actresses, Hardcore usually gets into a lot of trouble from people who thinks he is using minors in his movies. The negative response of his movies had gotten so bad that he was later indicted for child pornography when he used an actress who was so convincing as a 12 year old character. The courts took offense that he was having actresses appear in his movies as minors.

It was not surprising that the FBI later raided the offices of Max World Entertainment. Videos and computer servers were seized in order to slap Hardcore with a federal obscenity indictment. But Hardcore seemed unfazed by everything as he currently serves 46 months in the Los Angeles County Jail. Also as a result, the jury had the internet domain closed down.

Paul F. Little is prisoner number 44902-112 at The Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) in Los Angeles and is to be released on May 29, 2009.




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