11/30/09 - Chad Cooper - Using RSS and Datafeeds to Beefup Your Website

SiN2.0 Adult Webmaster Podcast

You might have heard of RSS (or XML) feeds before but do you really know what to do with them? Sure, feeds can be used to distribute new galleries from sponsors to affiliates, but did you know they can also be used to build out your website with adjunct content, which potentially could earn you more money? Worst case you end up with a more full-featured website, with frequently updating content, and the search engines start to notice you more. That's what Chad Cooper is here to talk to us about. He is the guy behind the adult section on OVGuide and has integrated several forms of datafeeds into a cohesive website visitor experience which makes them a lot of money and has visitors coming back daily. This interview is for the technically inclined, so just fair warning for the non-geeks out there!

Specifically we talk about: What is a data feed; how can a feed be used outside of a blog environment; what kind of sites can use a feed and what types of data can be distributed via RSS; Making feed data unique; aggregating and filtering feeds for relevance; getting access to large, non-public feeds; the SEO issues of using feeds; and Chad's tips for proper data feed usage.

In the news DerbyGrrl subs in for Ella, and we talk about:
-More Red Tube news
-Roku box may be the first mainstream device to bring adult streaming to the mainstream.
-Facebook worm: the future of marketing on Facebook may soon blur the line.
-WTF: Rammstein releases new twist on box set.
-WTF2: Texas goes after gay marriage and ends up getting rid of all marriage!

OC Cash

Intro and Outro courtesy of David Hopper "Have I Gotten Off" (rockin' mix). For original music inquiries please contact: davidhopper168@hotmail.com

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