11/08/10 - News Edition

Hello, hello! It is that glorious time once again where the SiN2.0 team invades your brain with the latest industry news that we find fascinating! Let us not keep you in anticipation, here is what we are bringing to you today:

- Reality Kings Loses Another Insurance Company. Let this be a lesson when filling out an insurance application, don't lie. That concludes today's lesson.

- Content X Goes After Pirates with Honey! This clever company treats offenders with kindness and lures them away from the pirating dark side to well, the paying side of things.

- Limewire Shuts Down, but don't worry there music store is still open for business. I bet you were worried for a minute.

- HotMovies raided by 100 FBI Agents. That's about it.

- FaceBook Sues FacePorn for Brand and Copyright Infringement. Facebook is trying to protect their brand but are they taking it too far by going after anyone who tries to use the words "Face" and/or "Book"?

- Treasure Island Hires HIV Positive Actor. Is this a PR stunt or are the really trying to show HIV a positive support? And is Porn really the appropriate platform to do that?


- Hustler DDOS Attacked! For all of two hours, way to go 4chan Splinter Group, you really stuck it to the man *rolling eyes*

- Apple Gets Patent to Block Sexting. Thank you Daddy Jobs for protecting parents from parenting.

Intro and Outro courtesy of David Hopper "Have I Gotten Off" (rockin' mix). For original music inquiries please contact: davidhopper168@hotmail.com

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