10/11/10 - News Edition

SiN2.0 Adult Webmaster Podcast

Welcome back all you crazy cats! Kelly Shibari and J-SiN tackle this weeks hard hitting headlines while DerbyGrrl recovers at home from a cold. Let's see what pressing matters you can sit back, relax, enjoy, and think upon:

- Adult companies struggle with mainstream PR by bringing in some mainstream talent.
- ACS:Law’s Illegal Porn File Sharer List Leaked in Britain! Names and email addresses are available for your mocking.
- Google Instant creates blacklist of words that have a few groups crying foul. Try typing Lesbian and Latina into Google and see what doesn't happen!
- ePassporte Officially Closes. The wait is over unless you're still expecting to get paid.
- Illegal file sharing bill shelved. Really Washington doesn't want to try and tackle this issue with elections coming up? I'm shocked, I'm lying!
- FSC, Studios introduce FREE Pirated Content Fingerprinting software. Get a taste of the possibilities of what APAP can do for you.
- WTF - Religious groups start their own search engines to filter our temptation. How do they know what tempts me?


Hi guy & gals,
Just wanted to say I love the podcast. Hope DG gets well soon & that she is back on the mic asap. Kelly is awesome & is rapidly becoming my heroine. Jay, you're 'no bullshit' info is incredibly useful along with some great interviews; keep it coming.
I'm hoping to get a website together soon, but I really want to be prepared. Questions about hosting, video delivery and the 'nuts & bolts' of content production seem to be constantly rattling around my head. Is there a point when you just have to say fuck it, and jump in; there must be.
Anyway, keep up the good work. Your podcast has been invaluable to me.

Mike x

well, it sounds awesome

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