10/05/09 - Internext Florida '09 - Revenue is Down, Now What?!

This is our first seminar from Internext Florida 2009. With a seminar named like this, how could we make it even more relevant to our listeners? How about by cutting it down to just the "good parts"... We talk about: the main profit centers in adult today and how they are changing; the benefits of having your own merchant accounts; the psychology of FREE and how to monetize it; social networking as marketing; and moving into new markets in adult.

Bjorn Skarlen, Commerce Gate
Mitch Farber, Netbilling
Al Wells, CPAWins
Alan Henning, Dating Gold
Moderator, Tom Hymes, Daily Babylon

As is now standard, you will be able to download the full length (edited for substance) version of the seminar below (if logged in) and listen to the summary edit of just the "best parts" in the podcast as usual. Our recap and reaction of the seminar is included in the podcast version as well.

In the news:
-Tera Patrick splits with Evan.
-Newt Gingrich awards another adult industry member.
-Google sued by Perfect 10.
-Private Media gets eviction notice from NASDAQ.
WTF - Korean Beer Goggle epidemic


Jennie's picture

Pictures from this seminar can be found here ->

Just listened to this great podcast. What is the name of the company (or their website) that gives examples about giving tokens to site visitors to let them watch content? I couldn't hear it clearly in the introduction. It isn't cpa-ranch or cpa-bench as I first thought to hear and there also isn't an archive on the Internext website to catch it there.

J-SiN's picture

OK, I updated the description of the podcast with the participants. See above.

NorProStar's picture

There's a lot of good information in this seminar. Especially when one of the panelist talks about the mentality behind casinos and the currency and how the adult industry should implement such tactics.

This was a great podcast as usual, I really would not mind listening to the whole one hour talk of this panel, and others, so there goes a suggestion for you, making some "special episode" where you get to listen one hour of panelists talking.

J-SiN's picture

You can listen to a ~30 min. edit of the panel by clicking the link under 'Extended Interview' above (if you are logged in). This is what we are calling our full length Director's cut which is as long as it is interesting; meaning we edit out all the boring parts but leave in the more detailed answers and deeper conversations from the panelists, which didn't make it into the summary edit on the podcast.

Intro and Outro courtesy of David Hopper "Have I Gotten Off" (rockin' mix). For original music inquiries please contact: davidhopper168@hotmail.com

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