09/21/09 - Larry Walters - The Obscene Definition of Obscenity

SiN2.0 Adult Webmaster Podcast

Now after all the coverage of 2257 and other federal indictments, why do we need to get another dose, this time specifically on Obscenity? To help protect you and your business from unreasonable targeting by the government. That's right this interview is all about flying under the radar in order to minimize the risk of having the feds knocking on your door; and don't think just by being an affiliate you escape this risk!

So who is the guest this week? Larry Walters of First Amendment.com of course! One of our favorite lawyers to interview because he can speak so eloquently about complicated topics. So here we go: Defining obscenity in the legal sense; what can be considered obscene and what forms can it take; How you can be proactive NOW, in order to beef up your defense later, if that time should come; How we as an industry can avoid obscenity prosecutions; and most importantly- the 3 most critical steps you can take today to decrease your risk of obscenity prosecution!

In the news we talk about the possibility of Microsoft's Bing buying pornographic keywords on Google Adwords; How a town's website was used to promote porn via social networking; LA's finest are cruising filming locations to fill the city's coffers; and WTF: Syphilis tests in exchange for a Walmart giftcards.

Ella Black is back for week #2 and joins J-SiN as Co-Host of the podcast. Keep listening to see how this podcast continues to morph and grow.

*** Oops! We had some technical difficulties and somehow ended up with a half complete episode until Monday (Sept 21 2009) evening. If you downloaded the podcast before then, please re-download.


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