07/26/10 - News Edition

SiN2.0 Adult Webmaster Podcast

We're back at it like a bad habit; bringing you what you need to know to keep things fresh in the adult industry and the internet world. This week we bring you tales of cases dismissed, company take-overs, and censorship.

John Stagliano is a free man! After a very short court case, the government's charges against Buttman were thrown out of court, never to be heard again. And the judge had quite a mouthful for the prosecution... What did he say? Tune in and find out.

China is taking a card from the US Government and shutting down websites which host erotic writing. I never knew words could be so scary to a government regime... What exactly are they going after, and how are they designating what is not acceptable and morally corrupting? We tell you what we know...

Shared blogs and web hosting can be a boon for those with little financial means trying to make a buck, however eventually you need to broaden your horizons and pay for the good stuff. We tell you when and why you shouldn't be using free web hosts (HINT: because they will go down eventually- and we have a story about the government shutting down a 2nd tier host).

Hef and Penthouse... err FriendFinder are fighting for the right to buy out Playboy INC. While the once high-flying Playboy is falling apart from the inside, Hef says he will never step down and wants to take the company private. Find out why Penthouse wants to snatch up the company and what value they think they bring to the table...

Are the Vivid Girls going extinct? Vivid says they will continue to have exclusive contracts with some stars for the foreseeable future, but do they have to say that just to stay relevant?

Urban X Awards went off with a bang and no one's car got stolen (that we know of) or shot up, but guess which stars and movies won? No hints on that one... Find out what drama went down which will have everyone showing up next year!

WTF: Montana gets its panties in a wad over nothing. OR What's in a name?


Intro and Outro courtesy of David Hopper "Have I Gotten Off" (rockin' mix). For original music inquiries please contact: davidhopper168@hotmail.com

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