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ISPs May Have to Police Child Porn


Assuming President Bush signs the PROTECT Our Children Act of 2008, S. 17 as planned, ISPs will shoulder the responsibility of policing 'hash marks' of known child pornography content. Many technology experts are fearful that the core technologies used to police this content utilize "deep packet inspection," a process which could potentially lead to invasion of property and clearly creates other similar fourth amendment conflicts.


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...and its signed. Why the Republicans continue to legislate federal control over our lives is beyond me.

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And even if you didn't mean to download this stuff, the government could show up at your door and confiscate your computer and throw you in jail... comforting.

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Guerilla Traffic

F*ck the police...

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 Translations XXX

Yikes, even more people watching what I do online.

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Deep Packet Inspection sounds like a rectal exam.

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Wow, that would put a lot of liability on ISPs that they are already starting to take responsibility for on their own.

Well, how else can you police this stuff?

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