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SEO Keywords: Present and Future


Optimizing your website for today's hot keyphrases can be both expensive, highly competitive, and possibly even a waste of time. In order to achieve a truly robust SEO approach, do not focus entirely on current hot keyphrases, but rather, try to predict what keywords are going to be hot in the future and optimize on a more general strategy of keyphrase possibilities to get the most out of your SEO efforts.

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Obviously you can't predict the future, but I think the story makes a very valid point. For example, there is some drama going on right now:

In 2006, the Chicago Olympic bid committee began proceeding in hopes of winning the bid to host the summer Olympic games in 2016. Now, it will most likely began proceeding, via a WIPO claim, to take control of the domain name

The bid team, backed by the U.S. Olympic Committee, are attemting to wrest the online address from Stephen Frayne Jr., a 29-year-old MBA student. Frayne purchased the domain name in 2004, approximately two years before the bid was launched.

Frayne, an engineer who is studying entrepreneurship at Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management, owns 40 other city name/year number domain combinations, including Chicago’s rival bid’s

--->So, it is possible to somewhat predict future trends. You may have to buy a bunch of domains and see what sticks, but I think it could be a great strategy!

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Isn't this though the same as 'predicting' the lottery by buying several lottery tickets? I'm not sure this is anything more then betting especially when the legal environment is one which doesn't reward the IP speculator.

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Sure, just order his crystal ball and you're set.

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If I could predict the future, I would be a stockbroker, not an SEO marketer.

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Break out that Magic 9 Ball

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