WM Dolls Voted the World’s Best TPE Sex Doll Manufacturer for 2018




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WM Dolls Voted the World’s Best TPE Sex Doll Manufacturer for 2018

As the world of sex dolls continues to evolve and expand into the future, with many companies perfecting the art of the realistic sex dolls , the top of the top are competing for the number one spot heading in summer 2019. The results are finally in, showing that WM Dolls clinched the title as the #1 manufacturer of TPE sex dolls today, creating quality love dolls that are realistic, durable, gorgeous, and collectible.

With experts predicting that relationships with love dolls will be more common in the next few years as robotics, virtual reality, and computing will enable the dolls to think and act as humans, the sex doll product leaders are doing everything they can to create the best sex doll products, models, and collections available to consumers today.

Let’s look at the top 3 list released this week, starting with the winner: WM Dolls.

The World’s Best Sex Doll Manufacturers of 2018

WM Dolls: Best known for their TPE dolls, which are easier to sculpt and more realistic than their silicone counterparts, WM Dolls have been industry veterans for some time. All WM dolls have a flexible and fully articulated skeleton that enable the consumer to use them in any fashion or setting. All of their dolls are sculptured by experienced sculptors that provide a realistic sexual pleasure for users, making their dolls highly sought-after purchases today.

Official WM Doll Reseller

With an excellent customer service policy, as well as waterproof dolls that make all WM purchases long-lasting, this manufacturing company took home the title as the #1 sex doll manufacturer for 2018. Certified an authorized as an official vendor by Doll Forum, the world’s biggest sex doll community, there is a reason this company continues to lead the way in the world of sex doll appreciation and innovation.

YL Dolls: After WM Dolls comes YL Dolls, also known for high-end TPE dolls. Although they were ranked as a runner up, this company still does a great job of creating realistic and authentic TPE sex dolls that leave consumers very content and enamored with their purchases. With hundreds of dolls to choose from, YL Dolls has done an excellent job of creating a fun sex doll shopping experience.

Official YL Doll Reseller

Irontech Dolls: Lastly, Irontech Dolls, an Asian sex doll manufacturer, was ranked in third place for their commitment to detail and quality design in every single one of their sex doll creations. Placing the customer at the center of their priority, this company values customer feedback and constantly alters their newly released doll to meet all pleasure requirements.

Official IronTech Reseller

The World’s Best Sex Doll Manufacturers

WM Dolls has expressed interest in carrying technology-embedded dolls in the future, with robotic sex dolls all the rage at tech shows around the world today. In the mean-time, they are working hard to perfect their product and provide consumers with new and improved TPE doll models made specifically for them.

Stay tuned at the end of the year as we release the official sex doll manufacturing list for 2019.



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