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Upgrade to IPv6 Or Get Left Behind!


Kathee Brewer writes about a topic that has long been discussed in the sidelines but has never really been given much importance. It is also something that our industry should pay attention to given that it will greatly affect our survival in the future.

The internet is rapidly growing, and in recent years, have been getting too crowded. Domains are depleting. Like fresh water and the ozone layer, this resource is rapidly depleting. With the current IPv4 now almost used up, experts see total exhaustion by 2011. So now, the geeks-that-be decided that the Web needs an upgrade. The IPv6 is thus born. Internet Protocol version 6 is the proverbial new world where all domains can grow anew!

But as Brewer reports, it comes with a hefty price. Not only will it entail costs, but it will also change how people will interact with the internet in the next couple of years. The article discusses how the transition will not only be vital to ones presence in the net. Shifting to IPv6 is a necessity should one wishes to venture further in cyberspace in the future.

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Guerilla Traffic

I'm not really sure what the big problem is. An infinite number of domains can be hosted off of one IPv4 ip address. But if this is actually a problem maybe its time to lease some more IPs from your webhost?

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