So, I just heard my Sin 2.0 Podcast


Anyhoo, so I just heard by podcast on sin20:

After listening, here are a few mental notes:

1. Put down the fucking bong before an interview.

2. The Sin20 guys are real webmasters that know what they are talking about.

3. A lot of guys that heard the interview said I sounded so dismal, "They wanted to commit suicide..."

4. I've been meaning to jump in the GFY thread about my interview for all of the fake nic idiots, but I have a post count of 9999 and am saving it for a big announcement from OCCash. I have never posted on GFY under a fake nic, nor do I plan to.

5. GFY is for retards anyways and is getting worse.

If you listened to the interview and have questions, comments, threats, or insults - post them here and I shall respond!

Have fun,


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OC Cash

LMAO interesting read, love the honesty!!!
Guess I need to listen to the pod cast now huh?

The thing I like about XXXJay is his willingness to own and admit to his faults and mistakes.

yeah...everyone in this business walks around like their poop don't stink...aren't we in the PORN busniess after all?

J-SiN's picture

Thanks Jay! I had a great time interviewing you for the podcast, despite the feedback from others. I think its definitely worth listening to as most people paint way too rosy of a picture about this industry right now; it's refreshing to have a contrarian viewpoint. Take care!

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