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RedTube Sues WEG For Supposedly Riding On Their Coattails


And the troubles of RedTube continue to grow. Karma is truly a bitch.

In an article by Rhett Pardon, he reports that RedTube is in the middle of litigation against WEG, the former Web Entertainment Group Inc., for cybersquatting. The article reveals that WEG had supposedly emulated the adult tube site by creating other sites of similar format and style. RedTube insinuates that WEG had been copying their site in order to lure more viewers to their site.

But like any lurid gossip, there is a lot more going between these two.

This case was in line to a previous one where another company Teen Revenue had sued Redtube over unlawful business practices. RedBelt argues that WEG -- who at that time was using its much longer name -- passed documents that held sensitive information about them. It was during their initial negotiations that WEG was given information while in the process of buying the tube site company. WEG also made to sign a confidentiality agreement. However, the deal fell through and no purchase happened. Instead, the RedTube document went to another person's lap, namely Teen Revenue, and that got the ball rolling.

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I've found this whole RedTube legal battle highly entertaining simply because it is utterly ridiculous!

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