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Patient Zero Strikes Back


And the “Patient Zero” drama continues… the latest episode entails Patient Zero filing a civil rights lawsuit against Cal-OSHA as a means to prevent the agency from learning their identity and work history. Not surprisingly OSHA has continued to harass AIM into revealing the identity of Patient Zero. HELLO!! That’s illegal! Both the privacy provisions of HIPAA and California's own Health and Safety Code make it illegal for OSHA even to ask the identity in question. And, the California code makes it a crime for AIM to provide any information that could lead to the disclosure of Patient Zero’s identity. This also holds even if AIM is severed with a court order. A hearing is scheduled for July 31 in Oakland, so stayed tuned for the next installment.

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Why does OSHA need the identity of "patient zero" anyways? AIM has done everything by the book and responded quickly when a test came back positive. There is no reason or need to know this persons information and invade their privacy. I'm glad to see AIM and Patient Zero stand by their protected rights and taking OSHA to court, that's why we have a legal system to begin with!

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How is OSHA getting away with this illegal activity! Did I mention what they are doing is illegal?!

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