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Lowering The Prospect's Risk When Marketing - Adult B2B Marketing Tip


Integrate Risk Lowering Strategies

People, on average, don't want the lowest price (or in the case of affiliate programs in our industry, the highest payout). You can verify this fact by noticing that not everyone drives a Ford Focus or a Hyundai. Did you know that in a given supermarket, Coke and Pepsi combined outsell the store brand cola by a margin of about 12 to 1? And unlike cars, there just isn't that much difference between a Coke and a Big K Cola. No, people don't want low price - they want low risk. Let's say you take a road trip and you want to stop to eat lunch. You come to an exit in the middle of nowhere with a Bob's Burger Barn on the right side and a McDonald's on the left. Where do you go? If you're like most people, you go left to the McDonald's. Why? Because even if you don't like McDonald's, at least you know what to expect. It's very low risk.

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