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Local Governments Are Anti-Small Business


Mike Dickinson speaks about how government officials have also contributed to the recession in small town America, and is continuing to make matters worse. According to Dickinson, people like House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA) created an environment that makes it difficult for small scale businesses -- especially those from the adult industry -- to legitimately set up shop.

Dickinson says that there's an inherent discriminatory attitude towards what types of businesses that should be set up. Local governments are almost dictating what is good or not. Selective morality is at play.

People need jobs. Local governments should help generate jobs by making small businesses thrive. Not go against it. It's the small-mindedness of people like Cantor who keeps Americans from putting food on America's table.

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I have this crazy notion that the government should be helping to create jobs right now and not causing more unemployment.

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OC Cash

I totally agree! I'm sick of the government deciding what is morally acceptable for the public. I should be the one to decide what is best for me!

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The more you think about the article, the more irritating what local government is doing.

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