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Knitted Vagina-Craft Now Sold In


Where else can you find a place where a woman's vagina can feel all warm and cozy but in It's a blog about an online store ( that sells wonderful homemade tsotchkes produced by hippies, artists, hipsters and homemakers around the country. Here you can find an assortment of knitted wear that your grandmother wouldn't even dare thinking. Well, maybe a cute knitted menstruation napkin in powder blue crossed her mind.

I really don't see anything wrong with these novelty items. Where femininity is also characterized by maintaining a certain sense of cutesiness, I suppose this is just one form of feminine expression. I actually think they should also be worthy items that can be sold beside dildos, vibrators and that tongue-wheel. They do have their value in the market. Though I would have wanted to see plush penises and tickle-me-phallus too. With a market that I suppose is predominantly female, wouldn't toy cocks be as valid? Or is this a subtle form of misandry?

Can the industry embrace this as part of sex toys or sex wear? Time will tell.

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Guerilla Traffic

WTF?! I don't have a problem with these, but what the hell do you do with it besides give them out at gag gifts?!

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