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Google List Top 10 Search Competitors


This year, Google lists 10 competitors by name in its recently filed 10-K report for 2009, including social sites Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp, and specialty search engines that dive deep into a specific category, such as travel site Kayak and health inquiry site WebMD. Google sees an Internet far more crowded with competitors than just a year ago. At least, that's what the company is telling government regulators.

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I think this also shows how much Google is counting on becoming a major destination website, instead of just a directory and search engine. They also want to monetize this new found destination status by selling the advertising on this space. If you have original content or make money from connecting people with what they want, watch out! Google is already a mortgage refinance lead and travel lead broker.

i agree they are becoming more than just a search engine just like walmart is more than just a retailer.. they split off into being the #2 grocery after kroger and technically the #1 jewelry by sales.

Google is a nicer and more friendly acting company but that doesnt mean they arent out to conquer the world in there own way! more power to them!

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I say Facebook and twitter should be the top 2. Yahoo! and MSN not so much.

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