Globalization of Sin City Players


Sin City Players, a new website for the Marketeer of Adult Entertainment, has opened its doors to a broader demographic, in fact had been requested to do so by others across the globe. We are quite amazed that within the 2 months we began this venture, we have already acclaimed worldwide exposure, and as the Executive Manager, I can say we've been quite ready for it for some time.

In the US, establishing the foundation of a whole new experiment to grab ahold of what is an essential in a downturn economy, take it and then exploit it the best way we can. Novemember 17th, on Alexa, the Internet Ranking Organization, before I turned in after a long day, I noticed that had a ranking, a few days before it did not. Happiness and Contemplation began to set in, as the programming and designing deemed to be one of my biggest challenges in my career so far. The very next day, as I began the workday, I checked Alexa, and to my surprize we were at 7.2 million; we had jumped over 10 million websites overnite... again, I was quite astonished and told my boss. We then knew there was much work to be done, and ASAP. And that was the case, although- the numbers kept dropping from that day... 10k, 20k, even 50k on a daily basis until we dropped off at close to 7.7 million. This was about 2 weeks ago- today, and was cause for concern as we never let up on improving the site. Here's the pun of this "globalization": Overnight, from 7.6 Million in Alexa rank, we jumped to 3 Million with a zig-zag gradually moving upward. Today, its 2,648,401 Globally (7k down from yesterday) and 449,379 in the US (2k down from yesterday). Thanks Alexa, and to All our Visitors!


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