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The Female Objectifying iPhone App Gets A Big Thumbs Down


You probably heard of the "Amp Up Before You Score"" brouhaha (and got over it).
You may also know that a lot of people were offended by it. The ad basically
features many ways for a guy to "score" with chicks. And do it in such a magnanimously
non-PC way.

These types of ads have appeared in so many guises over the years. And as a former ad man, going to this route is not in any way the proper way to market anything. I find it rather funny that someone actually paid to get this app developed and placed in the iPhone. The iPhone of all places! What the hell were they thinking? The backlash alone will successfully alienate the product from the general consumer. So, buh-bye Amp! It was worth knowing you.

Enough of my rants. This bit of news, to me, relates to how the porn industry situates itself in the real world. Because the porn industry can operate like the douchebags who made Amp app. Not everyone liked the presence of porn in cyberspace, but it's there and it's insinuating itself to the world at large. Though I think that as a good thing, I just hope that when the industry asserts itself, it knows where to place its footing and knows why it is doing it in the first place. Because one misstep can misfire and bring the same kind of shitstorm the Amp app generated all by its little self. And do we really need another misfire to the world at large?

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