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Congress Screwing Online Mom and Pop Shops


A bill is expected to be introduced to U.S. Congress that would eliminate a "loophole" that allows many Americans to shop online without paying sales taxes. Now I have to admit that I am a total Amazon whore and it’s mostly due to the fact I don’t have to pay sales tax, especially since California has jacked theirs up to 9.25%. But let’s face it; if this law were to be passed Amazon could afford to hire a team of people to deal with thousands of complex tax codes that are constantly changing. However, all those mom and pop type online stores are screwed! Maybe the Government should focus on solving the unemployment problem instead potentially making it worse.

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OMG! Sorry Fuzzy but if you are in Cali you should have been paying the sales tax the whole time, which is ridiculous, even if you go out of state and buy something you are suppose to pay California the difference, who pays attention to that shit@! All this is going to do is create frustration for small businesses who will have to learn over 7000 different tax agency laws, who the hell is going to do that and how much is it going to cost these companies to have someone follow and track tax laws and implement them! I call bullshit on the states who are trying to pass this, this is not going to be your savior solution to your state deficit problems - just my 2cents for you.

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NO! Don't take away my loophole!

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