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Adult INdustry Strong Arms Cali Government?


The AIDS Healthcare Foundation (or AHF) held a press conference where they demanded mandatory condom use in all sex scenes. Even with AIM’s meticulous testing procedures, AHF believes it’s the state and county’s duty to protect adult performers by forcing them to wear condoms, even no one wants that! However there is a flaw to this line of thinking, mandating condom use would most likely cause production to go underground and possible out-of-state, then what?! When asked why the county hasn’t enforced its law up to this point, AHF President Michael Weinstein said that he thinks the county is afraid of the industry and that it has too much power in the halls of Sacramento. I’d like to know when the hell this happened and how come I haven't seen any results from all this power!


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I need to try whatever they're smoking :-)

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And why would the industry use this new found power in Sacramento to not have to enforce condom use and not something with a bit more bite to it?

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