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07/06/09 - Xbiz Summer Forum: The State of Adult Traffic

40:54 minutes (28.09 MB)

Over the past few years, no component of the online adult industry has changed as much as traffic generation, impacting every other segment of the industry in the process, from billing and content production to affiliate and direct-to-consumer marketing. In a sense, the eternal debate between which is more important, content or traffic, is over, and the undisputed winner is traffic.

07/13/09 - AK/Jayvis - Managing Affilates For Maximum Benefit

33:12 minutes (22.81 MB)

By now you've probably heard the name Dating Gold, and perhaps also know AK and/or Jayvis. Dating Gold is a great example of a company that heavily invests in growing their affiliate base and the relationships which ultimately create these ties.

07/20/09 - XBiz: Smart Business Strategies for Today's Recession

42:56 minutes (29.49 MB)

As the economy begins to show signs of life, questions remain how long it will take to recover and what the industry can expect when it does. If recent history teaches us anything, it is that nothing stays the same for long, especially in the adult industry.

07/27/09 - Josh Barsch - Intermediate Adwords Mastery for Adult

42:49 minutes (29.41 MB)

Josh Barsch, founder of StraightForward Media and the Adwords For Porn blog, stops by to geek out with us and talk shop about Google Adwords. Now this isn't your typical Adwords 101 interview, we've already done that already. Today you are going to find out about some of the harder elements of doing PPC for adult products and websites.

08/03/09 - J-SiN - Yahoo! and Microsoft sitting in a tree...

32:08 minutes (22.07 MB)

So you've probably heard by now, Yahoo! finally sold out and gave up it's search business to Micrsoft's interests. What does this mean for the adult entrepreneur and the other webmaster affiliates out there that rely on Yahoo! for part of their traffic?

08/10/09 - Cybernet Expo: Marketing Personalities with Social Networking Tools

40:37 minutes (27.9 MB)

Marketing in adult often means more than just promoting adult media sales. Adult marketers also need to know how to market personalities. This skill is absolutely vital for adult industry talent such as live cam performers and solo girl models, but it also helps other industry professionals separate themselves from less ethical participants.

08/17/09 - "Q" Boyer - Why Mobile Porn, Why Now?

40:00 minutes (27.48 MB)

Yeah yeah yeah... we've heard it for sometime now that mobile porn is now; mobile porn is here. But for some reason this foretelling has yet to seemingly materialize into existence. Or has it?

08/24/09 - Cybernet: Understanding Fetish & Niche Markets

41:09 minutes (28.26 MB)

Several adult companies have built extremely successful businesses by focusing exclusively on niche and fetish markets. When you focus your efforts on serving an audience that falls outside the mainstream adult market you drastically decrease the amount of competition you face and increase your odds of becoming a leader in your niche.

08/31/09 - Cybernet: State of the Industry

44:06 minutes (30.28 MB)

Well it was destined to happen once in a while: technical difficulties... Instead of a normal interview this week we are bringing you the next Cybernet Expo panel in its place. Never fear, we will be back with your beloved SiN2.0 interview next week. But for this week please enjoy the last Cybernet 09 panel in the series.

09/07/09 - Jenni Dahling - Penetrating the European Market

32:42 minutes (22.45 MB)

One year after her original interview, we have the triumphant Jenni Dahling (founder and market penetration specialist of PRKitty) back to do a follow-up to our 3rd most popular podcast. This time she is talking about taking your business overseas, and what that means in terms of preparation and execution.

08/30/10 - XBIZ Summer 2010: HTML5: Gearing Up for the Emerging Standard

36:59 minutes (25.4 MB)

Beyond being the latest way of specifying a website's markup, HTML5 redefines the presentation of online content! In this episode the panel will touch upon how HTML5 differs from HTML4 and if it is supported by all browsers; what are some of the new tags, video tags and codecs; what are the SEO possibilities, and if you should even be using HTML5.

09/13/10 - Diane Duke - Content Piracy: What You Can Actually Do About it Today

41:18 minutes (28.37 MB)

FSC Executive Director Diane Duke once again graces our humble podcast with her wit, wisdom and charm! Today we have Diane on the hot seat about content piracy and what we (the webmaster community) can do to help ourselves from these fiends! J-Sin and Diane don't hold back as they discuss:

- What are the causes of piracy in adult
- Is DRM effective
- New business models for todays market

09/27/10 - XBIZ Summer 2010: OpenSource: Essential Free Apps for Your Online Biz

33:51 minutes (23.25 MB)

A staple of webmastering technology, OpenSource software powers a wide variety of adult websites through a diverse range of applications, such as the popular WordPress blogging software and OpenX ad serving platform. In this session the panels discussion ranges from what is OpenSource, what platforms are out there, and tips for using OpenSource.

10/04/10 - JDoughs - Intertmediate Adult Site SEO Tactics

31:22 minutes (21.54 MB)

If you ever hang out on the GFY boards then you may be very familiar with this weeks interviewee Jdoughs! The owner of Linkspun Premier Link Trading Community agreed to come on to the podcast and talk with J-SiN on subjects ranging from SEO to Link Trading. This is a two part interview you won't want to miss!

10/18/10 - JDoughs - Link Building Advice for Adult Sites

35:57 minutes (24.69 MB)

Hello my lovely listeners and welcome back! We have in store for you the second part of the Jdoughs interview for your listening pleasure. In this segment of the interview we get to the juicy bits and pieces of link building. JDough doesn't hold back when hit with J-SiN's questions on link trading and best practices in link exchange.

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