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05/09/08 - DamageX - TGP 101

39:14 minutes (35.93 MB)

DamageX of TrafficAdept is here to talk about thumbnail gallery post sites and free hosted galleries. Are TGPs dead? What does the future hold and what evolutionary changes will be in store for these types of free sites? All is answered by one of the most knowledgeable and active sources on the topic.

05/26/08 - Jack "Avalanche" Lawson - Profiting with Tube sites

32:34 minutes (29.83 MB)

Jack Lawson (or "Avalanche") from Cherry Pimps stops by to talk to us about why 'Tube sites (the adult variety) aren't all bad. We cover the tricks to using these emerging sites to effectively market your adult product, whether you are a webmaster affiliate or a pay site owner. Also, what does the future hold for Tube sites?

06/02/08 - Mark Kliem - Marketing Gay Niches

29:44 minutes (27.2 MB)

Mark Kliem, of Lavender Lounge, takes time to talk to us about promoting Gay content on the web. He shares his secrets on how one can develop a niche from scratch and turn it into a succesful, and profitable, following.

06/09/08 - Clyde DeWitt - 2257 and What It Means To You

30:32 minutes (27.79 MB)

Clyde Dewitt, attorney at law, stops by to talk about all things 2257- where it came from, what it means, who it effects, and the likely future of these regulations. Even if you are not a primary producer of adult content, you need to hear this interview and know these regulations have implications for just about everyone in adult... this means YOU!

06/20/08 - Victor Pitts - Buying / Selling Domains pt.1

45:39 minutes (26.7 MB)

Victor Pitts, VP Sales & Clients Services, from Moniker is here to share his knowledge on buying and selling adult domains (and websites). This is the first of a two part interview; one of our best so far! Also we wrap up Cybernet Expo '08 and other recent news.

06/30/08 - Victor Pitts - Buying / Selling Domains pt.2

43:38 minutes (39.83 MB)

Victor Pitts, VP Sales & Clients Services, from Moniker is back to share more knowledge about buying and selling adult domains (and websites). This is the second of a two part interview; We also have some discussion about moving your domain and keeping your rankings, and of course the news.

07/07/08 - Kevin Godbee - Introductory White Hat SEO pt.1

36:36 minutes (25.15 MB)

Ever wanted to know the difference between "white hat" and "black hat" search engine optimization? Want to kick start your search engine traffic? Kevin Godbee, with Web 3.0 Internet Consulting, is here to help us understand these topics in the first of a 2 part interview about SEO.

07/14/08 - Kevin Godbee - Introductory White Hat SEO pt.2

32:21 minutes (22.22 MB)

Kevin Godbee, with Web 3.0 Internet Consulting, is back in this second part to help us understand how to get started promoting your site in the search engines. GC and I also cover the news, including the iPhone 3G and what it may mean to online porn.

07/21/08 - Kroy Aziani - Mastering Affiliate Management

36:27 minutes (25.05 MB)

Kroy Aziani, from Kroy Wen Phoenix, gives us the low down on what he learned while managing affiliates at Twisted Cash; shares a few secrets and warns of what you must know before even thinking about starting your own affiliate program.

08/04/08 - LAJay - Personal Networking Secrets

45:21 minutes (31.16 MB)

This week LAJay, VP of YNot and Director of Operations for Cybernet Expo, is here to give us the ins and outs of using networking opportunities, online and off, to grow your business and make you more successful. Also, how networking can turbocharge your branding efforts.

08/11/08 - Marc Womack - Using Cheap Labor To Do Your Bidding

42:09 minutes (28.95 MB)

Marc Womack, of Madison Avenue, stops by to lend us some wisdom about outsourcing and remote work teams. If you've ever been curious about how to get your shit done for cheap, so you can be freed up to work on your business, this should be a mandatory listen. Also the news and our normal bullshit :-)

08/18/08 - Jenni Dahling - Understanding Brand Value in Adult

32:47 minutes (22.53 MB)

The unforgettable Jenni Dahling, from PRKitty and HowIGotRich, chats us up about all things branding in adult entertainment. What is it, how to use it effectively, where you should start... Its a great interview for those who are just starting out and those who've been around for a while.

08/25/08 - Ycaza - Adult Hosting: From A to XXX

29:49 minutes (20.48 MB)

Ycaza, CTO of RightHosting, spills the beans on adult hosting. Good stuff for the noob but also some nuggets of truth for those of you already established- like a few dirty secrets of the hosting industry. What should you know when picking a host? How do you know you've outgrown your hosting? What about free / sponsored hosting?

09/01/08 - MJ McMahon - Its The Future, But Not As We Know It...

37:42 minutes (25.21 MB)

In our best podcast yet, MJ McMahon, Publisher of AVN, gives us the dish on what to expect over the next several months. We cover everything from skyrocketing affiliate program payouts to piracy to IPTV growing pains. J-SiN and GC also announce our first listener giveaway. We've also got the news for the week and a few other discoveries.

09/08/08 - Dwreck - Affiliate Program Management Success

29:38 minutes (20.36 MB)

It's affiliate management time again! Derek "Dwreck" Smout, Head of sales and marketing for, talks to us about fueling the fire of your program by finding the right affiliate manager and attracting the right affiliates. Of course we also start things off by discussing whats happening in the biz.

09/15/08 - Fresh Dave - Legal Tubesite Business Models

31:46 minutes (21.83 MB)

"Freshhh Dave" is here from and TubeClicks. He gives us his take on legal tube sites and how to monetize their traffic. The program he represents is a unique model; along the lines of Rabbit's Reviews referral program. News and the usual updates from the industry with J-SiN and GC.

09/22/08 - Marc Womack - Managing Your Ad Inventory

31:46 minutes (21.83 MB)

Marc Womack is back to give us insight on how to properly manage the ad inventory on your website to make the most money. He should know; he runs an ad network called Madison Avenue, built on the knowledge gained during the many years managing the ad inventory of his Consumption Junction website and the Sick Site Network.

09/29/08 - George D - Converting Traffic Into Sales

38:20 minutes (26.33 MB)

George from Guerrilla Traffic stops by to share his wisdom on how best to monetize the traffic to your website. We talk a little bit of everything from traffic targeting to conversion strategies. George also shares some real world examples of these items in action. GC and J-SiN handle the news and we premiere a new show segment.

10/06/08 - Chris Marcus - Niche Pay Sites 101

37:24 minutes (25.69 MB)

Chris "Barefootsies" Marcus shares more than his fair share on setting up a niche pay site. He gets down to brass tacks fast and shares some great answers to frequently asked questions about choosing a niche and running a pay site. GC and J-SiN cover the news and pick their "bad idea" for the week.

10/13/08 - Kroy Aziani - Shooting Content Made Simple pt.1

32:05 minutes (22.04 MB)

Kroy is back! This time to share his wisdom on shooting your own content. We cover when it makes sense to produce, as opposed to license content and then dive right into the how, what and where to actually do it. If you've ever been curious about the secrets of a talented adult content producer, this is the podcast to listen to!

10/20/08 - Kroy Aziani - Shooting Content Made Simple pt.2

31:58 minutes (21.95 MB)

Round 2 with Kroy on shooting your own content. We are geeking out with the tools of the trade and talk shop on the hardware you'll need. Probably the best 2 part interview we have recorded to date; it is definitely the most useful for those who have or want to produce custom content. GC and J-SiN make the latest industry news accessible with our own spin.

10/27/08 - Jeffrey Douglas - Obscenity Prosecution: Max Hardcore & You

41:48 minutes (28.71 MB)

Jeffrey Douglas, Max Hardcore's criminal defense attorney, gives us an update on the case, the legal climate in Adult, and what the political changes in Washington may mean to us insiders. We go long this week, but its worth it! This ain't no stuffy lawyer interview.

11/03/08 - SilverCash Albert - Business Development Strategies

40:16 minutes (27.66 MB)

SilverCash Albert discusses the lessons he's learned on his journey working in mainstream and adult. What works and what doesn't in building your business strategies. J-SiN and GC do the news which features our last political-based rant for a while.

11/10/08 - Mona Moore - Message Board Marketing

36:55 minutes (25.36 MB)

Mona from Klixxx stops by to lend her sage advice on marketing via message boards. We start off with the basics but quickly progress through topics like: brand building, non-advertising promotional methods, and message-board specific do's and don'ts. If you are trying to reach webmasters or consumers via the boards, this is the interview for you.

11/17/08 - Damian Jennings - Email Marketing in Adult

39:22 minutes (27.05 MB)

Everyone knows you can't use email marketing to promote adult products, right? WRONG! Damian Jennings is here from Making Email Work to tell us Yanks just how you can skirt CAN-SPAM and effectively use email to build your email list into a money generating machine.

11/24/08 - Greg Piccionelli - Understanding Intellectual Property Tools

34:18 minutes (23.57 MB)

Well known adult industry attorney Gregory Piccionelli is our guest this week for a discussion on copyrights, trademarks, and patents. Why should you care? Well these tools are what you use to protect your business and its intellectual property, including anything you create or own. This interview is a great overview of what you need to know.

12/01/08 - Webmaster Access Los Angeles Roundtable

31:04 minutes (21.35 MB)

Dan Hogue, from CamZ, and Dirty D, from How I Got Rich, help us kick off our first roundtable interview of the podcast. No news this week, so we spend the entire 30 minutes chatting with these adult business owners about the challenges they face, how they overcome them, and what changes they see in the near future.

12/08/08 - Michael Brandvold - Affiliate Marketing Success Strategies

37:47 minutes (25.94 MB)

Michael Brandvold from GameLink stops by to talk to us about why affiliates fail. Specifically we talk about affiliate business plan formulation, successful traffic sources, landing page optimization, niche marketing and, of course, new online marketing opportunities.

12/15/08 - Keith Glazer - RSS feeds and you

40:02 minutes (27.51 MB)

Keith Glazer aka "kmanrox" from Feed Morphers stops by to talk to us about RSS feeds and how to use them to distribute updates and help automate marketing of affiliate programs. We discuss how morphing feeds are changing the game, and the right way and wrong way to use RSS feeds, as an affiliate and as an affiliate program owner.

12/22/08 - Scott Rabinowitz - The Coming Shift Away From Affiliates

39:13 minutes (26.93 MB)

Woohoo! Our 30th episode and we've got a whopper of a topic for our interview today. Scott Rabinowitz, co-founder of Traffic Dude, stops by to tell us why the traditional affiliate-dependent pay site marketing model may be on the outs. How does this affect you, and why is this change well underway?

12/30/08 - Year End Wrap Up Edition

21:50 minutes (14.99 MB)

J-SiN and GC wrap up the year's most newsworthy happenings and put they're own stank on 'em. Too drunk or stoned to remember what happened in 2008? well this is the show for you! If however you were actually half-way sober through most of the year you'll be reminded of all the events we talked about this year and why you should have cared.

01/06/09 - Larry Walters - The New DOJ 2257 Revisions & You

39:13 minutes (26.93 MB)

Hot off the front lines of fighting for free speech, Lawrence G. Walters, of First and the law firm of Weston, Garrou, Walters, and Mooney, is breaking the silence and talking about what the new Department of Justice revisions to the 2257 regulations really mean to you.

01/12/09 - Joan Irvine - One Of The Best Investments You'll Ever Make

33:58 minutes (23.33 MB)

What is the one investment you should make after turning the corner on profitability in your business? Joan Irvine of the ASACP stops by to inform us how this group continues to prove its value to the adult industry even in these hard economic times.

01/19/09 - Larry Walters - The Obama Administration

33:59 minutes (23.34 MB)

Lawrence G. Walters, of First, is back to discuss what the regime change in the United States means to the adult industry, online and off. How will Barack Obama and his staff change the policy at the Department of Justice regarding enforcement of 2257 and obscenity prosecutions?

01/26/09 - Sharky - Cross Sales and Up-Selling The Right Way

34:05 minutes (23.42 MB)

The one and only "Sharky" from PimpMansion gets on the mic this week to talk to us about cross-sales and up-sales. Why is Mastercard all in a tizzy over cross-sales? What's the difference between cross-sales and up-selling? The appropriate ways to increase your revenue while not pissing off your customers.

02/02/09 - Charles Hentrich - Driving Revenue With Search Engine Marketing

32:44 minutes (22.55 MB)

Wildline president Charles Hentrich is here to discuss what you need to know about Search Engine Marketing (Paid Search). This will be the first in a series with Wildline where we will go deep on several topics relating to SEO and PPC advertising techniques. Today we cover what is SEM?

02/08/09 - Morten Due - Monetizing Foreign Traffic

10:10 minutes (6.98 MB)

In the news we cover Showtime's new porn-based reality series; The Deputy Attorney General's ties to the adult industry; and how Google plans to create an even tighter "walled garden" around its search data.

[The original interview has been removed from this podcast by request of the interviewee]

02/16/09 - Vita Vaysman - Adult Yahoo! Search Marketing (PPC) Strategies

35:01 minutes (24.15 MB)

What a treat we have for you this week! Vita Vaysman from Wildline is here in studio for an in-depth conversation about Yahoo! Search Marketing, the Yahoo! pay-per-click text ad system. We talk about how YSM is different from Google Adwords and the right way to get an adult campaign off the ground.

02/23/09 - Mark Frieser - Making Money in the Mobile Porn Revolution

30:49 minutes (21.26 MB)

We've all heard about the pending mobile porn explosion happening around the world and probably wondered when it is going to hit the US market, right? Well Mark Frieser from My VIP Room is here to announce "the mobiles are coming! the mobiles are coming!". This is not an interview about the tired foreign mobile phone industry.

03/09/09 - XBiz: The Best of 'Tube Sites' Seminar

30:44 minutes (21.21 MB)

This is the first in our Conference series, recorded at the XBiz State of the Industry show in February. We took the best bits of each relevant seminar and will be posting these in place of our normal one-on-one interview, every couple weeks.

03/16/09 - Michael Brandvold - Marketing Via Social Networking

41:05 minutes (28.21 MB)

Michael Brandvold of Gamelink is back to share his wisdom on using social networks to brand and market your business. This may seem like a straight forward subject but there are so many ways to go wrong with this burgeoning communication mechanism.

03/23/09 - XBiz: The Best of "Staying On Top In Today's Market"

29:52 minutes (20.51 MB)

This is the second seminar we recorded at XBiz State of the Industry 2009 a few weeks back. "Staying on Top Online In Today's Hyper-Competitive Market" is moderated by Colin Rowntree and includes Dan Hogue (CamZ), Albert Lozarito (CECash), Allison Vivas (TopBucks), and Ron Holiday (12Clicks).

03/30/09 - J-SiN - Google Adwords Success Strategies: Part 1

38:09 minutes (26.2 MB)

To play an early April Fools day joke on everyone GC will be interviewing yours truly, J-SiN, on a topic near and dear to my heart, Google Adwords. I will share my strategies for competing in the world of Adult on the best paid traffic platform in the world. We start off with some basics but then quickly get into intermediate strategies for optimizing your campaigns and not losing your shorts.

04/06/09 - Xbiz: The Best of "Beyond Traditional Content & Delivery"

33:25 minutes (22.95 MB)

Here we go with our 3rd (out of 4) seminar highlight recording from the Xbiz State of the Industry '09 show a few weeks back. The days of ‘Content is King’ are over forever — or are they? Maybe we’re on the cusp of a revolution in adult content and the way in which affiliate markets promote it online.

04/13/09 - Diane Duke / Eric Johnson - Piracy & You

42:03 minutes (28.88 MB)

Diane Duke, from the FSC, and Eric Johnson, from Sureflix, stop by to talk to us about the problem of piracy and how it effects even those who don't produce content.

04/27/09 - Dave Cummings - Maximizing Your Content Investment

43:46 minutes (30.06 MB)

While preparing for his seminar at Cybernet Expo this year, Dave Cummings, stops by to share with us how he maximizes profits from content he shoots and produces. We talk specifically about: is it still worth shooting your own content domesticly; what you need to know before you start shooting; quality vs.

05/04/09 - LAJay - Detrimental Networking Mistakes

35:57 minutes (24.69 MB)

Jay Kopita, aka LAJay, from YNOT and Cybernet Expo stops by to impart some wisdom from his many years pressing the flesh. We've talked in the past about what you should do, and even why, when you are at an event meeting new people. Now we concentrate on what you should not do to create that lasting impression.

05/11/09 - Sharky - Evolution of the Adult Webmaster

38:05 minutes (26.16 MB)

To understand where we are going, we must know the history of where we've been. That's exactly what Sharky from Pimp Mansion is here to do today. A veteran of the online adult industry since 1996, he has been around long enough to see the trends in our industry.

06/18/09 - XXXJay - Is There Still Opportunity in Adult?

27:13 minutes (18.69 MB)

Jay "XXXJay" Quinlan is one of the few people others point to when talking about webmaster success stories. Having made a nice living during the 'golden years of porn', he is now co-owner of affiliate program OC Cash, an adult talent agency, and other businesses.

05/25/09 - Chris "Barefootsies" Marcus - Modern Consumer Marketing Methods

35:18 minutes (24.25 MB)

Chris Marcus, also known as Barefootsies, is like most of us in adult. He started as a consumer and then graduated to the other side of the table when he thought he could create and sell something better suited to his own needs.

06/01/09 - Mo Aguiari - The International Language of Conversions

35:18 minutes (24.25 MB)

Just like alternative billing, translating your site's content into other languages can be a boon for your profits and increase your business even in hard times such as these. Mo Aguiari, from Translations XXX, is here to share his experience on the subject and tell us how to best take advantage of such an opportunity.

06/08/09 - XBiz: Beyond Affiliate Payouts: Direct Traffic Methods

38:36 minutes (26.51 MB)

Once upon a time, traffic generation was as easy as offering an affiliate program and watching your traffic stats skyrocket. Today, because affiliates are spread among so many affiliate programs, companies are increasingly turning to other sources of traffic; both internal and external.

06/15/09 - Spannow - Improving Website Usability for Adult Sites

39:17 minutes (26.98 MB)

Trying to come up with a sexy title for this topic was hard, but ultimately the interview is well worth just about anyone's time to listen to. Spannow, owner of Solo Babe Cash, graphic designer cum affiliate program owner, has the background to give us the inside scoop on how good design fundamentals can be key in creating a profitable website.

06/29/09 - DamageX - Frequently Asked Board Questions

38:00 minutes (26.09 MB)

DamageX was our very first interview guest when we started this podcast over a year ago. We picked him because of his broad range of knowledge and vast experience in the online adult industry. Well, he's back and this time he talks with us about the questions that seem to get asked again and again on boards such as his, AskDamageX.

07/06/09 - Xbiz Summer Forum: The State of Adult Traffic

40:54 minutes (28.09 MB)

Over the past few years, no component of the online adult industry has changed as much as traffic generation, impacting every other segment of the industry in the process, from billing and content production to affiliate and direct-to-consumer marketing. In a sense, the eternal debate between which is more important, content or traffic, is over, and the undisputed winner is traffic.

07/13/09 - AK/Jayvis - Managing Affilates For Maximum Benefit

33:12 minutes (22.81 MB)

By now you've probably heard the name Dating Gold, and perhaps also know AK and/or Jayvis. Dating Gold is a great example of a company that heavily invests in growing their affiliate base and the relationships which ultimately create these ties.

07/20/09 - XBiz: Smart Business Strategies for Today's Recession

42:56 minutes (29.49 MB)

As the economy begins to show signs of life, questions remain how long it will take to recover and what the industry can expect when it does. If recent history teaches us anything, it is that nothing stays the same for long, especially in the adult industry.

07/27/09 - Josh Barsch - Intermediate Adwords Mastery for Adult

42:49 minutes (29.41 MB)

Josh Barsch, founder of StraightForward Media and the Adwords For Porn blog, stops by to geek out with us and talk shop about Google Adwords. Now this isn't your typical Adwords 101 interview, we've already done that already. Today you are going to find out about some of the harder elements of doing PPC for adult products and websites.

08/03/09 - J-SiN - Yahoo! and Microsoft sitting in a tree...

32:08 minutes (22.07 MB)

So you've probably heard by now, Yahoo! finally sold out and gave up it's search business to Micrsoft's interests. What does this mean for the adult entrepreneur and the other webmaster affiliates out there that rely on Yahoo! for part of their traffic?

08/10/09 - Cybernet Expo: Marketing Personalities with Social Networking Tools

40:37 minutes (27.9 MB)

Marketing in adult often means more than just promoting adult media sales. Adult marketers also need to know how to market personalities. This skill is absolutely vital for adult industry talent such as live cam performers and solo girl models, but it also helps other industry professionals separate themselves from less ethical participants.

08/17/09 - "Q" Boyer - Why Mobile Porn, Why Now?

40:00 minutes (27.48 MB)

Yeah yeah yeah... we've heard it for sometime now that mobile porn is now; mobile porn is here. But for some reason this foretelling has yet to seemingly materialize into existence. Or has it?

08/24/09 - Cybernet: Understanding Fetish & Niche Markets

41:09 minutes (28.26 MB)

Several adult companies have built extremely successful businesses by focusing exclusively on niche and fetish markets. When you focus your efforts on serving an audience that falls outside the mainstream adult market you drastically decrease the amount of competition you face and increase your odds of becoming a leader in your niche.

08/31/09 - Cybernet: State of the Industry

44:06 minutes (30.28 MB)

Well it was destined to happen once in a while: technical difficulties... Instead of a normal interview this week we are bringing you the next Cybernet Expo panel in its place. Never fear, we will be back with your beloved SiN2.0 interview next week. But for this week please enjoy the last Cybernet 09 panel in the series.

09/07/09 - Jenni Dahling - Penetrating the European Market

32:42 minutes (22.45 MB)

One year after her original interview, we have the triumphant Jenni Dahling (founder and market penetration specialist of PRKitty) back to do a follow-up to our 3rd most popular podcast. This time she is talking about taking your business overseas, and what that means in terms of preparation and execution.

09/14/09 - Dirty D - Preventing Affiliate Fraud

37:32 minutes (25.78 MB)

Ella Black is here! The world renowned solo-girl (of is joining us as the official co-host of the SiN2.0 Adult Webmaster Podcast. That means from now own Ella and I will be an unmatched force in bringing you the latest news, gossip, and insider information from the world of adult. Everyone please welcome Ella!

09/21/09 - Larry Walters - The Obscene Definition of Obscenity

40:19 minutes (27.69 MB)

Now after all the coverage of 2257 and other federal indictments, why do we need to get another dose, this time specifically on Obscenity? To help protect you and your business from unreasonable targeting by the government.

09/28/09 - Paul from OTCash - Turning Softcore into Hard Cash

43:35 minutes (29.94 MB)

We are back this week with Paul L. from OTCash (and to talk about the art of selling the tease and marketing softcore content. Its a very interesting interview were we dive into several complimentary topics which will get you thinking about softcore.

Internext Florida '09 - Revenue is Down, Now What?! (FULL)

28:56 minutes (52.97 MB)

Transcript coming soon...

10/05/09 - Internext Florida '09 - Revenue is Down, Now What?!

37:13 minutes (25.57 MB)

This is our first seminar from Internext Florida 2009. With a seminar named like this, how could we make it even more relevant to our listeners? How about by cutting it down to just the "good parts"...

10/12/09 - Kelly Shibari - Mainstream Social Media Marketing

43:34 minutes (29.92 MB)

OK so how do you go about using the mainstream social networking sites, like Facebook and Youtube, to market your adult oriented product? That's what we are talking about today with the super hot BBW Kelly Shibari. And despite her best ability, I try to keep her from talking too much about Twitter as well.

10/19/09 - Internext Florida '09 - The Mobile Frontier is Here

50:14 minutes (34.49 MB)

Our second and final panel seminar from Internext Florida 2009.

"The Mobile Frontier Is Here: How Entrepreneurs Need to Think About a Wireless World"

Lisa Weinberger - Writing for SEO (FULL)

23:36 minutes (16.21 MB)

Transcription coming soon...

10/26/09 - Lisa Weinberger - Writing for SEO

39:14 minutes (26.94 MB)

Lisa Weinberger from Pearly Writes is here to talk to us about SEO; more specifically, creating written content to beef up your website. You always hear that Google loves fresh content and that you gotta have a lot of it in order to appease the search engine Gods, but what does that mean exactly?

Evan Rothfarb - Net Neutrality: What It Means To Us (FULL)

31:12 minutes (21.43 MB)

Transcription coming soon...

11/02/09 - Evan Rothfarb - Net Neutrality: What It Means To Us

40:55 minutes (28.1 MB)

So today we have one of the most important topics we have talked about in a while, net neutrality. The problem is net neutrality is not a clear cut issue with the same implications to everyone.

Michael Fattorosi - 3rd Party Record Keeping for 2257 Compliance (FULL)

33:13 minutes (22.82 MB)

Transcription coming soon...

11/09/09 - Michael Fattorosi - 3rd Party Record Keeping for 2257 Compliance

44:57 minutes (30.87 MB)

2257. Can it get any more dull than that? Actually the interview today is one of the more interesting conversations I've had in a while. I didn't know there were so many options available to those that didn't want to deal with handling the requirements of 2257 record keeping, whether you are a content producer or an adult webmaster.

11/16/09 - Kelly Shibari - Tube Site Marketing

45:49 minutes (31.46 MB)

Our good friend Kelly Shibari, from Hourglass8 Media, to talk to us about using tubesites to market yourself and your content. Which tube sites are we talking about? well both adult and mainstream tubes.

11/23/09 - Mike Flirt - The Missing Art of Filmmaking in Porn

48:23 minutes (33.23 MB)

As someone who talks with a lot of people in the industry, and watches a lot of adult entertainment, i've become jaded towards the business of content production. Its very rare when I see porn where I honestly take note of its artistic talent and general appeal.

11/30/09 - Chad Cooper - Using RSS and Datafeeds to Beefup Your Website

45:58 minutes (31.56 MB)

You might have heard of RSS (or XML) feeds before but do you really know what to do with them? Sure, feeds can be used to distribute new galleries from sponsors to affiliates, but did you know they can also be used to build out your website with adjunct content, which potentially could earn you more money?

12/07/09 - Housekeeper - The Tranny Content Revolution

44:07 minutes (30.3 MB)

Transsexual porn has been around for years but it hasn't been until recently that it has had much respect as an actual niche. When we originally met Housekeeper of Trans Glam, he was on a panel at Cybernet Expo 2009 and after hearing him talk we knew we were missing a growing market and wanted to get him on to talk about his area of expertise- tranny porn.

12/14/09 - ASP Albert - Profiting from Pornstar & Sologirl Branding

34:03 minutes (23.39 MB)

ASP Albert (Lazarito) is an old friend of the show. So when we starting thinking about who we could interview about the sologirl phenomenon, Albert was one of the first names which came to mind. Why? Because he's a big wig over at Adult Star Profits now, a program which specializes in promoting pornstars and solo performers.

Darklady - The Last WORD on Adult (FULL)

33:34 minutes (23.05 MB)

Transcription coming soon...

12/21/09 - Darklady - The Last WORD on Adult

44:17 minutes (30.41 MB)

The last thing most people think about when creating an adult product is the written word, unless of course you are speaking about erotic literature. But good writing has so much more importance to adult entertainment then we give credit, and Theresa "Darklady" Reed is here to help spread the WORD that it just may be the salvation of our industry. How so?

12/28/09 - Year End Wrap Up Special

37:47 minutes (25.95 MB)

Its the end of the year and you know what that means, right... No? We are bringing you our year end wrap up where we cover all the most important stories of the year and give our final take on what we think was worth paying attention to.

Thomas Kjaergaard - The Art of Paysite Member's Areas (FULL)

28:43 minutes (19.73 MB)

Transcription coming soon...

01/04/10 - Thomas Kjaergaard - The Art of Paysite Member's Areas

41:58 minutes (28.83 MB)

You may know Thomas Kjaergaard more as the guy behind but needless to say he has seen a LOT of member's areas in his day. This puts him in a unique position to give his take on the good, the bad, and the ugly in terms of paysite member areas. Want to know the biggest mistakes you are doing today which are hurting your sales? Listen up!

01/11/10 - Mario Moralez - Marketing to an Alternative Lifestyle Consumer

42:44 minutes (29.34 MB)

You know Mario, right? If you've been to any adult industry conferences in the last couple of years you would have seen him.

01/18/10 - InterNext Vegas 2010: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

47:14 minutes (32.43 MB)

The new year is here and so is AVN’s Internext show in Las Vegas. This year, we decided to take an unbiased look at one of the biggest adult B2B conventions to discuss what worked and what didn’t at the show.

01/25/10 - Dev Simon - Website Building 101

47:10 minutes (32.39 MB)

Dev Simon from stops by to chat with us about Website building 101. Although the topic is very basic for most advance webmasters, the interview covers fundamental aspects of website building which complex projects lack. In the interview we talk about mistakes seen from experience and the importance of prioritizing.

02/01/10 - Alec Helmy - 2010: A Forcast For The Online Adult Industry

42:16 minutes (29.03 MB)

In this episode of the SiN2.0 Adult Webmaster Podcast we bring you Alec Helmy, CEO and founder of Adnet Media which includes Being one of the top dogs in the adult industry today, Alec, drops by to forecast 2010 and what it means to the online adult industry.

02/08/10 - Brian Mitchell - Adult Site Link Building

42:13 minutes (28.99 MB)

This is part one of the interview with Brian Mitchell of Adult Link Market. Full show notes are not available this week due to us all being out at the XBIZ LA show.

02/15/10 - Brian Mitchell - Adult Site Link Building part 2

42:13 minutes (28.99 MB)

Here it is- Part deux of our interview with Brian Mitchell from Adult Link Market where we finish our conversation about adult site link building and the link building techniques which will have you appearing in Google in 10 seconds flat... ok maybe 15.

02/22/10 - Ameno Stuart - New Content Delivery Platforms

41:38 minutes (28.59 MB)

The past few years for the online adult industry had been dawdling when it comes to innovation. Nevertheless, in this week’s episode of the SiN2.0 Adult Webmaster Podcast we bring you innovation.

03/01/10 - XBIZ LA 2010 - What's Hot: The Changing Taste Of Adult Entertainment Consumers

42:59 minutes (29.52 MB)

Missed XBIZ L.A. because you were too hungover or simply couldn’t make it? Not to worry, we got you covered. SiN2.0 is bringing you the best of the best from XBIZ LA in this week’s episode.

03/08/10 - Connor Young - .XXX: The Beginning Of The End?

35:19 minutes (24.26 MB)

In this week’s episode of SiN2.0 Adult Webmaster Podcast; we talk to Connor Young president and co-organizer of Cybernet Expo about .XXX and what it means to the online adult industry. Connor chats about his first hand experience fighting this top level domain. In addition, the conversation covers cyberquatting; search engine optimization; as well as search engine marketing.

XBIZ LA 2010 - Porn Delivered: The Key Distribution Channels of Today & Tomorrow

56:07 minutes (38.53 MB)

03/15/10 - XBIZ LA 2010 - Porn Delivered: The Key Distribution Channels of Today & Tomorrow

40:55 minutes (28.1 MB)

Here at SiN2.0 Adult Webmaster Podcast we strive to bring the best of the best for our all the adult webmaster listeners.

03/22/10 - Ian Wynne - Quality Customer Service For A Chargeback Free Business

32:20 minutes (22.21 MB)

When it comes to billing and merchant services, is hard not to roll your eyes and walk the other way or press the back button. Nevertheless, when Producer Abby spoke with Ian Wynne from FindOlogy Merchant Services during XBIZ; she was convinced of sharing his knowledge and expertise with all of our listeners.

04/05/10 - XBIZ LA 2010 - Traffic Is King: Sourcing, Securing & Converting Today's Porn Consumer

46:27 minutes (31.9 MB)

In this week’s episode of the SiN2.0 Adult Webmaster Podcast; we bring you another XBIZ LA 2010 seminar for your listening pleasure. In this session, moderator and panelists explore the multitude of traffic acquisition strategies for today’s online adult entertainment companies. While content quality is essential, traffic is king.

04/12/10 - Nicky Cakes - The Future of Online Marketing

36:31 minutes (25.08 MB)

In this week’s episode of the SiN2.0 Adult Webmaster Podcast we interview mainstream internet marketing thought-leader and Affiliate of the Year 2010, Nickycakes about the Future of Online Marketing.

04/19/10 - XBIZ LA 2010 - Online Billing: Exploring & Maximizing Your E-Billing Options

48:35 minutes (33.36 MB)

In this week’s episode of the SiN2.0 Adult Webmaster Podcast we bring you XBIZ LA 2010 Seminar; Online Billing: Exploring & Maximizing Your E-Billing Options. Yes, billing, billing and more billing! But we give you our SIN2.0 word this seminar is actually worth listening to.

04/26/10 - Indy - Micro-billing & The Key to Charging for Mobile Content

30:51 minutes (21.18 MB)

In this week’s episode of the SiN2.0 Adult Webmaster Podcast; we talked to Indy, President of QuickiClips about micro-billing for mobile content. It is well known that even the best content out there can be discarded without the right billing platform. With mobile content distribution growing at a fast pace it is imperative to know what options are available.

05/03/10 - XBIZ LA 2010 - Fast Forward: The Future of the Porn Industry

43:54 minutes (30.15 MB)

This week we bring you the last seminar of XBIZ LA 2010, “Fast Forward: The Future of the Porn Industry.” With consumers rapidly changing, a slow economy and legal system changing; adult industry entrepreneurs are always looking for new ways to make revenue. This is a great seminar, full of innovative ideas from those leading the way.

In the news:
-Visa puts a clamp on cross-sales.

05/10/10 - Best Of: Derek "Dwreck" Smout - Affiliate Program Management Success

18:01 minutes (12.44 MB)

"Best Of" #1. We are on vacation this week so we are bringing you one of our best interviews from the first 100 episodes of the podcast.

05/17/10 - Best Of: Jenni Dahling - Understanding Brand Value in Adult

19:03 minutes (13.14 MB)

"Best Of" #2. We are still on vacation this week so we are bringing you another of our best interviews from the first 100 episodes of the podcast.

05/24/10 - Best Of: Kelly Shibari - Mainstream Social Media Marketing for Adult

32:59 minutes (22.71 MB)

"Best Of" #3. We are still on vacation this week so we are bringing you another of our best interviews from the first 100 episodes of the podcast.

05/31/10 - Best Of: George D. - Converting Traffic into Sales

27:14 minutes (18.76 MB)

"Best Of" #4. We are still on vacation this week so we are bringing you one of our best interviews from the first 100 episodes of the podcast. In 2 weeks, we will be back "live" with new episodes...

06/07/10 - Best Of: Greg Piccionelli - Understanding Intellectual Property Tools

26:09 minutes (18.01 MB)

"Best Of" #5. We are still on vacation this week so we are bringing you one of our best interviews from the first 100 episodes of the podcast. Next week, we will be back "live" with new episodes...

06/14/10 - We're Back With Avengence

30:20 minutes (20.83 MB)

We are finally back from vacation and ready to rock it. In our first week back we are talking about what has happened the last several weeks since we last recorded; things didn't stop happening even though we took a break.

06/21/10 - XBIZ Summer 2010: iPad - Building Sites for a New Generation of Devices

40:25 minutes (27.75 MB)

This is the first of 5 seminars we recorded at Xbiz Summer 2010. No news this week...

06/28/10 - News Edition

31:45 minutes (21.81 MB)

Yeah the big non-news is .XXX not moving forward, even though ICM would like you to believe otherwise, but we've got all the other news worth talking about for you this week. We are constantly evolving our format to fit the feedback we receive from our listeners so please contact us if you have suggestions on how we can improve to fit your needs.

In the news this week:

07/05/10 - Chris Miller - Business Development in Adult

43:39 minutes (29.98 MB)

The saying goes that people only do business with people they like. If only it was THAT easy to sell your wares and grow your business, but its not. Especially in Adult, doing business with other adult businesses also involves trust, camaraderie, and sometimes even tradition.

07/12/10 - News Edition

26:28 minutes (18.17 MB)

We're back with more news and insider insight to make you the money you need to keep up with your charade! These news editions are put together to inform the community on what they need to know about whats going on inside the adult industry without investing time into reading endless blog posts and forum trolling.

In this week's show:

07/19/10 - XBIZ Summer 2010: SEO: Strategies, Techniques & Best Practices

34:42 minutes (23.83 MB)

"As quality traffic becomes harder and more expensive for adult websites to attract, the prospect of free search engine traffic is becoming evermore important. At the same time, changes at leading search engines present renewed opportunities for organic SEO marketers. Learn the latest ways to get your share of search engine visitors at this highly anticipated traffic session."

Bullet points:

07/26/10 - News Edition

24:33 minutes (16.86 MB)

We're back at it like a bad habit; bringing you what you need to know to keep things fresh in the adult industry and the internet world. This week we bring you tales of cases dismissed, company take-overs, and censorship.

08/02/10 - Sharky - The State of the Adult Affiliate Program

39:49 minutes (27.34 MB)

We've got Michael "Sharky" Vifquain in the house again this week for a special "State of the (online adult affiliate) Industry" interview. We talk about the continued changes happening in the adult affiliate world and what his expectations are for the future. Where we are and where we are going. Its a good interview of someone who has been there and done that for many, many years.

08/09/10 - News Edition

29:34 minutes (20.3 MB)

Yes, yes its that time again for your weekly blast of fresh air from the SiN2.0 Adult Webmaster Podcast. We've got the industry news for you this week and we are all about only bringing you the stuff which matters...

-AHF's spawned federal probe into AIM's HIPPA compliance goes down in flames.

08/16/10 - XBIZ Summer 2010: Social Media: Mass Marketing Done Right

50:43 minutes (34.83 MB)

There is a world of opportunity in the convergence of adult marketing and social media, but the evolving technologies and restrictive rules make finding the right mix difficult. This session will provide insights into acceptable ways of leveraging the traffic and exposure of these popular mainstream sites to market your adult products and services.

08/23/10 - News Edition

30:32 minutes (20.97 MB)

The SiN2.0 Adult Webmaster Crew is bringing YOU the news as we see it once again. Something new, something slightly old, but always entertaining the stories this week brings out a little bit of feisty in everyone!

- Pink Visual to host Content Protection Retreat....for the elite?
- Montana Fishburne asks Brian Pumper to stop selling DVD, it was only suppose to be a test run!

08/30/10 - XBIZ Summer 2010: HTML5: Gearing Up for the Emerging Standard

36:59 minutes (25.4 MB)

Beyond being the latest way of specifying a website's markup, HTML5 redefines the presentation of online content! In this episode the panel will touch upon how HTML5 differs from HTML4 and if it is supported by all browsers; what are some of the new tags, video tags and codecs; what are the SEO possibilities, and if you should even be using HTML5.

09/06/10 - News Edition

27:42 minutes (19.03 MB)

It's that time once again when we the SiN2.0 team discuss the goings on in the Adult Industry. This week J-SiN geeks out on H.264 and Kelly gets her nerd on over Social Media ROI indexing. We have things to think on and a few to laugh at!

- Adult DVD Empire pleads guilty to obscenity charges and gives the Federal Government more Obscenity fuel for their fire.

09/13/10 - Diane Duke - Content Piracy: What You Can Actually Do About it Today

41:18 minutes (28.37 MB)

FSC Executive Director Diane Duke once again graces our humble podcast with her wit, wisdom and charm! Today we have Diane on the hot seat about content piracy and what we (the webmaster community) can do to help ourselves from these fiends! J-Sin and Diane don't hold back as they discuss:

- What are the causes of piracy in adult
- Is DRM effective
- New business models for todays market

09/20/10 - News Edition

27:44 minutes (19.05 MB)

This SiN2.0 podcast news break has been brought to you by the letter R, for Rant! The team is back at it again giving you their feelings on the new Facebook movie coming to a theater near you; as well as other hard hitting news:

09/27/10 - XBIZ Summer 2010: OpenSource: Essential Free Apps for Your Online Biz

33:51 minutes (23.25 MB)

A staple of webmastering technology, OpenSource software powers a wide variety of adult websites through a diverse range of applications, such as the popular WordPress blogging software and OpenX ad serving platform. In this session the panels discussion ranges from what is OpenSource, what platforms are out there, and tips for using OpenSource.

10/04/10 - JDoughs - Intertmediate Adult Site SEO Tactics

31:22 minutes (21.54 MB)

If you ever hang out on the GFY boards then you may be very familiar with this weeks interviewee Jdoughs! The owner of Linkspun Premier Link Trading Community agreed to come on to the podcast and talk with J-SiN on subjects ranging from SEO to Link Trading. This is a two part interview you won't want to miss!

10/11/10 - News Edition

27:18 minutes (18.75 MB)

Welcome back all you crazy cats! Kelly Shibari and J-SiN tackle this weeks hard hitting headlines while DerbyGrrl recovers at home from a cold. Let's see what pressing matters you can sit back, relax, enjoy, and think upon:

- Adult companies struggle with mainstream PR by bringing in some mainstream talent.

10/18/10 - JDoughs - Link Building Advice for Adult Sites

35:57 minutes (24.69 MB)

Hello my lovely listeners and welcome back! We have in store for you the second part of the Jdoughs interview for your listening pleasure. In this segment of the interview we get to the juicy bits and pieces of link building. JDough doesn't hold back when hit with J-SiN's questions on link trading and best practices in link exchange.

10/25/10 - News Edition

30:01 minutes (20.61 MB)

It's a News day people and we brought you the news we wish to review! The team welcomes back DerbyGrrl and is glad she was not coughing on everyone. In the news this week we have some informative news, sad news, and some seriously What the Fuck kind of news. Let's get started:

- Joe Francis Loses Defamation lawsuit to Cali's Anti-SLAPP project

11/01/10 - Joan Irvine - ASACP RTA and How it Benefits You

34:24 minutes (23.62 MB)

Joan Irvine once again graces our humble podcast with her amazing knowledge and charm. This week J-SiN and Joan bring to you the information you should know about ASACP RTA. You may be asking yourself what is the RTA program and what is it intended to do? How exactly does it benefit me? Well I am here to say we answer these questions and many more!

11/08/10 - News Edition

30:11 minutes (20.73 MB)

Hello, hello! It is that glorious time once again where the SiN2.0 team invades your brain with the latest industry news that we find fascinating! Let us not keep you in anticipation, here is what we are bringing to you today:

- Reality Kings Loses Another Insurance Company. Let this be a lesson when filling out an insurance application, don't lie. That concludes today's lesson.

11/15/10 - Brad Gosse - The Future of Adult Traffic: Reputation and Branding

38:50 minutes (26.67 MB)

Welcome back my SiN2.0 Adult Webmaster Podcast Fans! We have an amazing interview with one Mr. Brad Gosse who brings in his perspective on adult traffic and branding. J-SiN and Brad sit down and discuss what is productive traffic and what are some big mistakes people are making. Also how big is branding and what does branding mean to traffic generation.

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