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About SiN2.0

SiN2.0 is about fostering a web conversation among adult industry professionals via discussions and podcasts. While mainstream media has evolved communities with Web2.0, much of the adult industry still spends wasted hours sifting through irrelevant threads on antiquated message boards. The goal of SiN2.0 is to change that, and open a dialogue based on the preferences of the participants and what they deem pertinent and valuable.

Take the First Step

Once you've registered yourself as a Sinner, (if you haven't done that yet, you can sign up here), start exploring the site. Read through the posts in the different communities. If you see something you like, BUMP it. If you find something that you don't think is relevant to the topic at hand, DUMP it. Bumping and Dumping is how Sinners establish the score of a post. The higher the score, the higher the post raises on the page.
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Join the Conversation

While you're reading, you're bound to have a comment or question on a particular post, so join in on the conversation. Just click 'Add New Comment' and throw in your two cents.
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Start A Conversation

Great! You've got the basics down. Now it's time to start your own conversation. As you're out there working in the biz, you undoubtedly find interesting articles, news stories, podcasts, new software reviews, etc. that would probably benefit the SiN2.0 community. Share it! As you discover information that you deem share-worthy, click the Submit News link at the top of the page and post a link on SiN2.0 and why you think it is relevant to the community. Be sure to categorize the link correctly to reflect the content's associated topics to ensure your post reaches the proper audience and has the best chance of scoring well and rising in the ranks.
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Now its time to network. As you surf around SiN2.0 you'll start to gravitate toward other sinners. You may share their opinions, think their posts are educational or they might just piss you off. As you stumble upon these people keep track of what they're up to by adding them to your Black Book (buddy list) by clicking on their name and then Add (name) to my Buddy List.
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Being part of the SiN2.0 community is as simple as that. Participate in the community, and you're rewarded with a collaborative adult-industry-relevant source of information, opinions and networking opportunities.

The Podcasts

Before you go, you should head over to the podcast section and download interviews with some of the best minds in our business. You can load them on your iPod, or just listen right on your computer. Stay tuned for new podcasts every week!

Who Are We?

We are just like you- webmasters and business owners working in the adult industry...


An adult webmaster and affiliate of 7 years, he has purchased over a quarter of a million dollars in adult traffic from many different sources, for largely successful campaigns. For the last year he has produced a podcast geared towards the adult industry and making money online, called the SiN2.0 Adult Webmaster Podcast. On the podcast, he has interviewed over 60 of the most influential people in the industry.

Jason can be ignored on Twitter at @jasonbhart.

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